Requesting Assistance From Alpha Testers


With #BIGALPHA heading our way in a week we’re speeding up the progress on our community wiki but we need your help!

We’re missing a lot of imagery, in particular that of local Wildlife and scenery itself. As #BIGALPHA does not have an NDA we’re requesting screenshots of all of the local wildlife and some of your favorite scenery of each of the currently revealed maps.

Now we know that everyone is going to want to rush in and kill Hunters and Monsters and not stop to smell a few roses but if anyone can, maybe during some downtime or whatever, we could really use these.

Just please note that we’re looking for very quality high resolution images without distractions or screen clutter. If possible remove any HUD. And please, no selfies with you and a Trapjaw pack.

If anyone happens to remember this thread in a week and takes a shot or two, please submit anything you can via our contact email at

Thanks a lot for your time and happy hunting!


I intend to stream during the alpha, so I can look for good screenshots from there. I can do some cropping and frame by frame to optimize what I can find. I’ll star this thread to remind me to come back to it!


Thank you very much. What is your Twitch channel, if I’m not too busy I can try to drop in.


I will definitely make some screenshots of the wildlife and maps =)


Thank you very much! We could use all the help we can get!


I’m going to be taking as many screenshots as possible, so if I take any that might be useful for you then I’ll post them here :slight_smile:


I’ll try to record (try :slight_smile: ) and if i got something usefull il send it.


It is here:

I’m just learning though, but I thought It would make a good way to document progress while entertaining some people as well :slight_smile:

I’m aiming to go for elite Goliath. Not sure if I will have enough time, but I will aim for it hard!


They said you’ll need 9 hours to get elite.


@Plaff: Thanks it’s greatly appreciated.

@Rctboy95: No worries, I understand the majority of people will be enjoying the game too much. Thanks for trying, it’s all we can ask for.

@Takran: You’ve gained a new follower. I should be available next Saturday unless I get an email saying I’m in Alpha myself!


I’m totally up for helping. It’ll be nice to have some proper pictures of Tyrants and the like.


Thank you very much! Indeed it would be.


I will also be streaming through Twitch. When it comes to new games I usually comment on game design/structure a lot instead of silly comments at least until I’ve covered most of what the game is throwing at me. I will definitely be taking a couple crash courses on game mechanics against bots to begin with and in that I’ll try and get wildlife footage as well. Is there some sort of a checklist you want to put together that would help me and others find source material for you?


At this point there is no checklist because imagery is wide open to all Wildlife and game location scenery. We basically need a picture of everything. Images that we have found from videos mostly are low quality and unusable.

If we do start getting submissions and can fill our pages with some nice shots, then we can start to narrow the scope of what is needed in a checklist.

What is your Twitch channel?


MaddCowqq’s Twitch Channel


I’ll be taking a ton of screenshots. At the end of the Big Alpha I’ll upload everything to a Dropbox album and let you shift through it using what ever you need. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a way to remove the UI unless you Photoshop it out, so cropping the image would be your best bet.


Aaww… no selfies?! I was hopimg to do a duckface as Val when im on the dropship #abouttocatchamonster #justhunterthings#


Sounds good, thanks!

@Alex_Versnel Haha, if you can get that one you go ahead and send it :smile:


I’ll be Twitching most everything I do, I would definitely like to contribute but I’m not sure they let Xbone save Twitch clips yet QQ


I’ll be helping if I’ll be able to capture some nice screenshots!