Request: Unranked Matchmaking Queue to allow Party members to play as Monster


Like 80% of the reason my friends and I pre-ordered this game is because we wanted to play against each other as hunters vs. monsters! We were really dismayed to find out that we could not, in fact, play against each other.

Competing with friends is a lot of the fun in any game or sport, why can’t we do it in Evolve? I should add that Custom Games don’t count as I don’t have 4 friends always on and Bots just don’t count, they are too damn stupid and can’t laugh at your silly jokes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are there plans in the future to have modes that allow this? Because otherwise it is entirely likely we will end up getting refunds on Steam if we can’t play against one another. At least knowing that there will be modes in the near future for this would be enough. This isn’t a threat by any means to try and extort the developers or a bitch thread, it just isn’t the game we thought we were purchasing and I was curious to see how many of you feel the same as us?!

Anyone else think you should be allowed to play against friends in the same party as monsters? Should there be a ranked vs. unranked queue to prevent this? Is it necessary to the success of the game (I think it is, I feel like you’d gain a lot more potential customers with this feature!)?

So how does monster play in party work in the final game?

You could have queued up in 5 man parties in the beta. At release, there are Custom Games. In here anyone can play anything they want and you can even disable perks or add map victory conditions.


Custom games only work if you have 5 friends playing together. There’s only 3-4 of us so we need matchmaking to fill out the rest of the team. Why can you not be a monster in a party with friends in matchmaking?

If it is to prevent abuse, why not just have ranked and unranked queues and only allow unlocks in ranked or something? Then we could play together and unlock stuff ourself! This seems like the perfect solution to me, no?

If they are worried about people abusing voice chat between teams, who cares, unless it is a competition why does it even really matter if like 1 in 100000 people do it? If it’s a true competition they wont be in the same voice comm. anyway!

I want monster play in parties in matchmaking!!


Custom Games allow anyone to pick any side. Custom games were not in the Beta, those were private lobbies. The reason for this is so that you don’t screw with leaderboards because some people are dicks and will abuse leaderboards by playing with their friends and auto losing/winning. Also, what is to prevent 3 or for friends from griefing the hell out of whoever comes to join the game. It’s to prevent abuse.


You’re missing the point, custom games require 5 people premades. I only have 3-4 friends playing, we could never fill a custom game. I wanted matchmaking to allow party players to be monsters. Having it in custom is worthless unless you have exactly 5 friends.

And again, if they are worried about abuse, only allow party member players in matchmaking to be monsters in a Non-Ranked queue that doesn’t have a leaderboard. Ranked queue which affects leaderboard could be where this restriction exists to prevent abuse!

Just have two separate queues, why is this so hard? Restrict unlocks to Ranked queues even if you wanted to prevent abusing to farm points/exp.

League of Legends has two separate queues, why can’t Evolve?


When the game comes out on the 10th of Feb! you will be able to then. I hope this helps. A little bit thanks.


No, when the game comes out Custom Games will be in which doesn’t do what I’m asking. I’d like an Unranked Queue where I can join with a Party of a few friends and be matched with other random players and still allow my friends or me to be the Monster!

I don’t even understand how this isn’t something that already exists, because it is vital to the long-term success of any game these days.


Instead of getting madd and upset that you can’t do something, try to approach it with a bit more calmness. I would also change the title to reflect that you want two separate queues as opposed to having monster friends play in matchmaking games. That would garner better attention and perhaps a dev can let you know their reasoning.

Right now it seemed awfully like you were mad you couldn’t be on leaderboards with a partially made group. I’m all for there being an unranked leaderboard myself, it just didn’t come across very well is all :slight_smile:


I’m not upset at all, I’m just saying I want to play with my friends in a party in a game with other people (not bots) and be allowed to be Monsters against each other because it is fun!

I don’t care 1 bit about the leaderboards or my stats, not at all, I just want to play the game as it is intended with my friends! If you force unlocks to only work in a Ranked Queue, that is fine with me too!

Also, I updated my title, hope it reflects my idea better!


Well you could, try asking this. With Feedback on the title. Of what you would like to see. If they are still accpting feedback that is


The title is a bit long, try changing “Request: Unranked and Ranked matches”


Feedback isn’t a category that exists anymore.

But that isn’t what I want, I want to play the game with friends as a monster in matchmaking, the queue idea is just a way to accomplish that and prevent abuse.


Your first post is your argument and the title should be what you are discussing. Your end goal is to have unranked and ranked categories so that you are allowed yo play with your friends. Having a long title truncates it so that part of it gets caught up, it also doesn’t make it clear what you are talking about. Having a Request for a feature that is precise will garnish more views. Just trying to help :slight_smile:


So no one else has any thoughts on this? Good or bad idea? Seems really detrimental to the game right now to me Am I alone in this?


I play with my friends and we would rather just be on a team vs the monster and not play against each other. So who should get what they want, you or me?

We wouldn’t like having to be pitted against each other when we are on a team to play as a team. So we will only be able to played ranked as a team, but not in unranked because one of us might get stuck as the monster. I think a custom game is the better way to go and that TRS should take into consideration that you might not always have a full team in custom games.


Why is it an either or?

Why can’t there just be an option in the Un-Ranked Queue for the party leader to check a box that states “Hunters-Only”? Then we can both have what we want.

Or even if it is just my original suggestion, what is wrong with you and your friends just playing Ranked then so you aren’t the Monster? Just play Ranked and ignore the leaderboards? I mean, it would be no different than the way the game is currently for you, so just play ranked.

I’m asking for an additional mode just for people that want to play casual and be able to play the Monster in their Party in matchmaking. I’m not suggesting removing anything from you, only adding an additional feature for people like myself and my friends.

We both get what we want here.

If you want to play with friends in matchmaking with the ability for someone in your party to be the monster, play unranked. If you want to play only hunters with your friends, play ranked. Just because you are playing ranked doesn’t mean you have to care about the leaderboard stats…


For the record, the devs said previously that they were definitely considering making custom game lobbies searchable by random people (if you select that option). It’s not quite matchmaking, but it could definitely fill out your party if a random person joins. They never said specifically one way or another that they don’t have this feature in now, we’ll just have to wait in see.

Personally, I actually like the idea of an unranked version like what’s being suggested more than a custom as I feel people wouldn’t want to join customs as often.

It’s sad that the fear of boosting is what caused the matchmaking to be like this. During the beta I even got matched up with three of them trying to get the mastery skins by attacking wildlife almost exclusively with gas bombs etc and getting downed on purpose. It was even weirder to see them though since it was the last day of PS4 beta… we don’t even keep the progress XD what’s the point?

Simple fact is, people will do it anyway; or try to at least. While I know TRS strives for simplicity, I don’t think it would be all that difficult to add an unranked hunt mode (just don’t award leaderboard progress). I really feel like we need a petition so they can see how many people truly feel like it’s a good idea and they’ll know it’s not just a minority.


I wasn’t trying to make it an actual you or me, but pointing out that there are more people to consider and that would be on both sides of the fence. If I remember in your original post you pretty much wanted to be the exact way you wanted it to be and why it wasn’t and I simply stated that if you joined and anyone could be the monster, even if you were on the same team, would not appeal to me. I was just making a counter argument to what you were saying, but if we can both get it our way, it’s a win win.


Agreed. Maybe remove the leaver penalty from this queue. That way, you encounter a troll, you leave no problem go find another game.

I think most of the time too it would be a genuine match. I know I certainly won’t let my friends just win. They’ll have to earn it!

I really think this needs to be addressed. Right now the game requires you to choose between friends or what you enjoy most if you are a monster player like myself. I don’t want to have to choose.

And bots don’t cut it, it’s not as satisfying to beat bots and bots just aren’t good enough.


Absolutely! Great post on all points.

The system should ideally be set up like League of Legends. Custom games allowed for groups to set up the game exactly how they want with all picks visible that can be private or publicly available based on settings and potentially passworded. You get nothing from these games. Then have an “Unranked” mode that has matchmaking and allows you to join in any party size without any restrictions on parties (so party members can be monsters). You wont unlock anything in this mode or gain anything on the leaderboards. Then have a Ranked mode with the current party restrictions and have it allow unlocks and leaderboard stats.

Problem solved, everyone gets what they want, and you don’t have to worry about people not filling up custom games as that isn’t their intention.

I also agree with you that people are going to abuse either way, screwing your customers out of features that make the game infinitely more enjoyable because 1% want to abuse is just a horrible idea all around!