Request toggle to default to No (Voice) Communications


Every game I get into as a hunter (which by the way, is not my thing, me being a monster player, matchmaking being part of this whole problem), I have to take my time to mute all the players.

I do this because I’m sick of people bossing other people, insulting, calling names and blaming others for not winning. I don’t play Evolve to be yelled at nor insulted by kids, and I would like to have a setting to have voice communication defaulted to being ALL OFF.

It would be good to be able to do the same with chat, or at least to mute completely a player. As everyone playing online, I guess, I have been insulted and harassed by other players and sadly there’s no blacklist, blocking or reporting features in Evolve. So I want to be able to completely mute someone if he’s insulting me all the time.

It’s sad, and it could be seen as an extreme measure I’m asking for, but it’s always like this when you play online. You find all the shitty kids with a mouth, and frankly, I don’t want that to be part of my Evolve experience.

Especially the times I get online to play MONSTER and end up in a game that’s in progress with a character I didn’t choose. If I only played monster online, that would be fine, but the game puts me in a position where I have to play whole games as hunters before I play monster.

I don’t think it would be very hard to implement this, so I ask you to include it in future code patches, @MacMan and the rest. This is a great game which I love playing and I want it that way.

Can we get some way to deal with grievers, Please?
Why play co-op with no mic?
Trolls/abusive mic users/mic spammers abusing mic(PC)

Bumped for visibility.

There HAS to be a way to stop being subjected to insults and harassment. @MacMan, please implement this. Every console system has a way to prevent this, except PC.
Please, take care of your players, of the good players. Those who support you.


are u on console?.

i have never heared anyone with a mic bitching arround those guys are normally the one’s who wanna win oO

only if the player rly deservs it (how are some ppl lvl 40? …)

not saying ure wrong tho just wondering


See, that attitude is the problem. NO ONE deserves to be insulted while playing a game. You can’t possibly justify it.


Have you checked your PCMR settings? :hank:


What do you mean?


I was just being a jerk, on PC its pretty easy to mute players.


Kinda, if the match is in progress you actually have to stop for a few seconds, so I think it’s easier to have a toggle if you’re doing it consistently. I know other people eel the same about voice chat. Statistically there’s just too many jerks out there :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’d also like the mute to affect text chat. As I said, I don’t need a 12 year old talk trash to me, I don’t play the game to have to put up with assholes.


So much yes! Insta-mutes all around!