Request to players - Please don't be that guy


When playing evolve please don’t be that guy -

  1. Trapper who runs after the monster at stage 3 with full armor instead of defending the power relay with the team.
  2. Hunter who does not note the constant pings from teammates.
  3. Monster player who levels up right next to Hank in an Open area inviting an Orbital
  4. Who cares too much about statistics and leaves every losing game.
  5. Monsters who would lose the game by letting the timer run out without giving the game a fair chance.
  6. Monster who would not fight even at stage 3 with full armor and health at the power relay wasting everyone’s time.


That is a lot of guys I’m not allowed to be.


Ha ha … just a semi rant compilation. I had these small interesting clips laying around. So thought I’d make a video of it.


No, I will always be that guy.
I like to live dangerously.



On the flipside don’t be “that/those guy/s” that immediately camp the power relay when the Monster hits Stage 3. Especially when you’re right behind the Monster.


Medics who dont heal and attack at the monsters feet, hanks that never use the shield projecter, Markov’s that dont lay mines etc…


I love that series too much…


But I love it when the monster sets himself up for an orbital. That’s ALWAYS fun!


I like to let my teammate get pounced, and rain mortars as Torvald, or use Orbital Barrage as Hank. ^.^


Just so long as you take the time to laugh at their misfortune first.


I was that guy once, accidentally. Killed the second last hunter, knew the other one was across the map, evolved…didn’t look at the ship timer…got bombed by a freshly spawned Hank. ;-;


As a hunter yeah that’s a great moment. But it must suck as a monster.


You learn fast. I had it happen once in the alpha. Never again.


oh the number of things that can go wrong. So many things you need to take care of. That’s why I love evolve :).


Please trapper dont go to the behemoth in the cave. It has full armor at stage 2 you will die instantly…


come on i told you man.


Oh man dont do that again, now you have 1 strike play defensiv stick with support and dont go in the caves.

1 minute later at the exact same spot


what the fuck are you trolling?

… Trapper quit…

Dont be this guy


Yep don’t throw the dome as soon as you see the monster. Sometimes its a bad place, and sometimes you are trapping yourself with the monster.


More like don’t be the trapper who is making the sound in the game break because of how fast they are spamming pings randomly for no reason…


yeah that’s the other side of the coin :slight_smile:


The only side I get… :cry: