Request: matchmaker should allow you to retain same class in evac mode



I’d like to ask if it’s possible for a way for the matchmaking to retain the class I chose when I play a round of evacuation in coop and to be that class for the entire campaign.

It’s just that it’s sometimes very discouraging to get presented by a class that you haven’t tried yet and you are of no use to your team if you are forced to play a class that doesn’t suit you or you havn’t properly trained with.

Now it might sound entitled but I would like to tell you where I’m coming from with this idea.

I’ve got a visual impairment called nystagmus and I think (if people followed my messages here on the forum) I indicated enough that I’ll only play this game solo or in coop. Because I feel I’m not “compeitive material”. I’d be a drag to the competitive scene because of the following reasons. I just need much more time to learn all the details of this game than an average player.

In left 4 dead it took me like until april 2009 to really get self sustaining enough to play an expert match with publics. I can say I’ve become pretty good in that game, but still not as good to sustain average publics who fail at assisting their team mates.

I’m playing dota now for 2 years and I managed to become “decent” with 20 heroes. Still I play against bots because hearing bigotry from one team is enough, I don’t need the other team to be added to the problem as well. And it’s just more fun because I play to relax, not to win. (oh that’s what all noobs say kekek)

Anyways, in evolve’s case, it’s kinda as hard to learn as dota, because there’s also the 3d dimension to consider, I’ve played this game since launch now and I must say I’m getting a bit better. The organic nature of the maps in combination with all the abilities requie me to get in the spirit of things and train myself extensively for one class for a long time.

I have to go at this methodicly. I wanted Caira and bucket and at the same time I need to be able to learn val and lazarus and hank to get there. This takes time for me. It’s not like I can learn to play an entirely new game with advanced tactics in one day. I need longer time to learn visual cues because I don’t have a pretty good visual memory, also tunnel vision. I need to reherse lots of these specific abilities, notice situations and see how to react to them. It just simply takes tilme.

I only played one map which is fusion plant but because it’s organic I’m not gonna remember well which spot is which location exactly. To give you an idea I’ve only now begun to have like 30% or 40% an idea on how the map is structured, and only the parts that are around the generator installation because this is a geometric shape that has an unique property. Compared to the jungle around it that just looks the same and I can’t really orient myself well cause I never see specific details that would remind me of a specific area in the map.

I think I’ve got the hang of Lazarus and Markov, Val is a bit tricky because you need to constantly decide on whether to heal people or to tranq/debuff the monster. This is something that’s not so straight forward, to notice decreasing health bars as they are constantly on the move is tricky for me. That’s why lazarus and caira are a bit better for me.

Only at the end of this week did I start to play coop evac. And although I usually win the rounds with my teams there’s sometimes failures associated by me being not adequate with classes I didn’t get around testing with.

I’m giving my vision on this because it’s a bit extreme on the low side of the “I quickly learn to master videogames” spectrum. But I’m sure that there’ll be people which are a bit scattered around that spectrum and who will feel unconfy that they’re forced to play a random class.

I also never “pick random” in dota even if you get more gold of it. It’s just not useful to pick a hero you’re not at all fammiliar with. I dont feel the need to waste my time like this. Especially if it’s like a hero heavy on micro managing or spell heavy like invoker.

I’m prepared to practice though, but only with heros and monsters and hunters that really suit me gameplay wise.

So I think (at least hope) I’m not speaking for myself only if I say that it’s just confortable for new players to be able to play their own class when getting used to it.

My intention is to remain in the coop sphere anyway.

If you’re in the compêtitive scene I understand you have to be a jack of all trades and know every hunter but even then I guess there’ll be people who have “preferrences”.

Also, I wonder, why there’s no feature to get a new lobby going with matchmaker who looks for random people to join ? You only sem to be able to join an “in progress” game.