Request for TRS to share the perks effect as they are leveled up


I have heard the devs have said they would release the numbers to the Evolve wiki team, but this process is very slow.
Besides, the site is not very well organized, with a separate page for each perk, assuming the page isn’t missing in the first place:

It’s a lot more efficent to just put them in either a post or a topic and then have the wiki guys update their site when they get around to it, rather than having to wait for a couple of weeks.

I think it would be very helpful to have access to a list of the the perks effects because they are too expensive to buy solely to see how strong they are.


This has been suggested by people in the early access as well. @MaddCow was at the forefront, I believe that the team is looking at adding a way to see perk progression without having to purchase first.