Request for forums


400 new posts daily now that tier 4 is out and ppl are whining. we need a serious overhaul in the forums. a pinned “daily question thread” where people can ask the same reduntacies and good forum leaders and the like can answer them all. Street fighters reddit is a perfect example of this.

Idk if the mods are allowed to do such. but @maddcow and company are pretty dam good with puns. and thats what they do at streetfighters reddit. a cheesy pun for every day. then they answer all the same questions that come up daily.

then we need categories. I think new threads need thier own tab. hot topics (most active?) need to be the front page. or the first tab.

please contact the webmaster or something it takes me 5 hours a day to get through all the same posts lol.


I think it’s time to mooove alone with this plan of action. I would hate to be branded as being one not fit for making puns.


yes it is getting very annoying that people always moan when new characters come out


A daily question thread sounds excellent.