Request for Early Access to Evolve


Hello, my names is James, also known as Broneteer on YouTube and the internet in general. I make videos and upload them onto YouTube here:, and am currently in the process of uploading my last couple videos of the Evolve Beta. I’m super hyped about the game, and currently have it pre-purchased, but I would LOVE to have early access to it to play and make videos with others who have it like Prod1gyX while continuing to hype up the game more by providing content. Thanks to the Devs for the consideration, and the AMAZING game that we’ll all be playing here in a little over a week.


Its coming out in nine days just wait a little bit longer



Good Luck


Yeah this early access was more of a “Thank you” rather than a press release to create hype.


Besides you’d be getting a slightly older version of the game that wouldn’t match up with the release.
Wraith would still be rediculous and the starts would take alot longer


just a quick question… when you now (2 weeks after the beta ended) upload your videos, how exactly would it be beneficial to give you early access 9 days earlier? :slight_smile:


Press releases were only given out to very select Youtubers and contributing community members.
It’s only just over a week away, bide your time! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want early access to help advertise the game you need to contact 2K as far as I am aware. I would be surprised if TRS do any more early access as it takes about a week for them sort anything out as I think they go through 2K as well and by then there will be little point :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck man!


If you desire to get early access you should ask one of the devs. my private message or write an email to TRS and exaplin your reasoning. I don’t know if it would be possible at this point but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Everyone is very eager for the release, which is understandable, but please make your query in a more private manner.