Request for a more youthful male hunter


As cool as some of the characters are this game, I think there’s enough old white guys with beards and mustaches to last me forever.

When you guys release DLC, I’d like to put in a request for a more youthful looking male. Maybe with a slimmer lean build.

Thanks in advance. Game looks great!

Feel free to pitch in ideas for other characters you guys have too!


Bucket’s not that old, has no beards and mustaches and he’s quite lean (says here in my Degree in Loco-Tech). Maybe you looked too far.

Jokes aside, now that you mention it, yeah, the Hunters look quite aged, huh. Understandable though, since Cabot only wanted the best of the best, people who’ve proven themselves. We’ll see if the Writers can squeeze someone young in. Would like to see a Trapper of your description particularly.


They could probably include some kind of young prodigy character, which is exactly what Caira is in the field of science. I think she’s the youngest on the team.

They did venture away from the beards a little with team 3 when I think about it, though the current beards are powerful enough to make it feel like every hunter has one.

Personally I’d like to see a guy with longer hair, go a little metal :stuck_out_tongue: or just stick a wig on Bucket or something.


My personal wish is for a female assault who uses some kind of sword. I don’t know how you would go about balancing such an idea but that’s where I’d start. Maybe give her a samurai kind of feel.



not too sure about that one, might look weird and hard to hit … what are you envisioning for the sword?


Perhaps that archer concept that has been floating around for a while.


Don’t let Abe catch you saying that! :wink:


A female assault named Olga or Helga… lol!


I’m not a fan of “PC-based equality” (let me explain)

Recently in the world, there’s been this “social terrorism” where companies are being dragged through the mud if they did not diversify their staff. Now, to clarify, no one should EVER be discriminated against, but let’s take an old standby for example. A company was being poached for not having many females in a particular sector of its operations. In someone’s mind “An equal number of females to males is fair, balanced and diverse.” However, this mathematical equilibrium has no bearing on the performance of your company. As a company owner, you want to hire the most qualified person for a job; not just bring in different genders, races, etc. until there is equal representation across the board. Again, don’t get me wrong, if, for example, a highly qualified woman applies and you turn her down for ANY reason despite the fact that she’s best qualified, THEN there’s a problem; you’re no longer putting the company’s best foot forward.

Same deal here, to me. Many people want a female assault because there simply is none right now, so to them, the next “logical” thing to do is to make one. I feel this undermines the creative process just for fear of repercussion from the public’s imposition of an outdated stance of “equality”.

I get the feeling I might have opened a can o’ worms here, so if someone really takes offense to what I’ve said, please do me the common courtesy of requesting clarification; I definitely don’t mean any disrespect to anyone. In fact, I’m a firm believer if equality across all races and sexes. This is, to me, more a stance on “what’s good for the game” vs. “what would idealistically give us the most diverse array of player archetypes in the game.”


I do feel like Caira is the baby of the team lol. Practically a kid still lol.


I would like to See a traper which Uses a crossbow which Has 2 Typen of ammunition
1)an exploding Arrow
2) and Arrow which explode and let a slowing Clou out


There are no walking waffles in the game; this game is destined to fail.

But on a more serious note, I like the fact that the hunters are truly ‘random’. TRS isn’t trying to balance out ‘half males, half females’, they’re just making good, original characters. It means that literally anything could be coming next. A bearded beast of a medic? The tasteless trapper wearing leopard skin pants? The walking waffle with a whimsical wand of wonder?

Okay, so maybe not that, but given the current setting and feel of the game, I don’t think anything realistic is ruled out. Beards or not, giant ears, eye patches, mechanical legs, bald heads, stitched skin, full armor, young, old, in-between. The list TRS has to go by is endless and I fully expect whatever DLC hunters they come up with next to be just as great as the current sets.


Once again, a beautifully written post by @AegisKleais

The following is in response to the female assault class proponents.

Before you start saying we need a female assault character, ask yourself why.

The role of the assault class is to carry massive, heavy weapons that deal tons of damage and are able to take lots of damage. Genetically, males and females are different, and are suited to different roles and jobs. Males are, on average, physically stronger. That’s why all the assaults are male, because it makes sense. How do you expect a 140 pound female to fight a monster with a sword or a crossbow?

That’s why the medic classes are female, because females tend to be nurses, not soldiers.


Agreed in full. It’s no sexism, it’s an understanding that these are the most common traits the sexes have. Yes, we realize there are people who break the mold (go individuality!), but these are moreso the guidelines rather than the rules.

Heck, there is even psychological studies which state that one of the reasons we are attracted towards others is because they possess something we do not, or are naturally endeared to. A female assault may be burly, a common male trait, and as such many men may not (but some may) be attracted to that. On the other hand, the numbers games would state that males, as being provider/protectors, are attracted to the traits of the Medic class, since females are often much more caring, supporting and nursing. This may be one of the rules why the majority of personas as Medic are female, and why Assault are currently all male.

In short, we celebrate those differences, with the caveat in understanding that some people out there break the molds of our predefined conceptions (and that’s fine, too!). It’s all a very interesting deep dive into the psyche of humans and cultures, but if you play into it in your games, then you tap into an intra-personal relationship and contextual understanding right off the bat, and end up making a connection with your player base.


But " slimmer lean builds " don’t survive on hostile planets with monsters roaming around. That’s my only issue-- it doesn’t fit with the lore.

Why would they bring in a 20 year old skinny dude on a space war against giant hostile lifeforms?


I’d like to see this as well.



Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but these days it seems that if a company doesn’t have 50/50 diversity it is a “sexist and mysogynistic corporation preying on FEMALES!!!11!!!”

Everything today is just an argument about how EVERYTHING should be 50/50 femal/male. Like how Obama’s cabinet is 50% male, 50% female. He made it that way JUST TO APPEASE THE FEMINISTS. Its getting crazy man, we have to stomp out this misguided rebellion before you and I can’t get jobs just because we are male.


I don’t really want a female assault. I just want a buff female character. Because that’s badass-- That is all.

Assault would be ideal though, considering the buff characters fit the assault mold more. Oh wait! That fits exactly what you’ve just said with your company analogy! A buff female character -WOULD- fit as an assault, right?

Just the fact that we’d have one female character for each role would be awesome. How many games did that? Now everyone gets to pick whatever gender they want in whatever class. FOR THE UNDECIDED, there’s always Bucket :'D


I think cabot is slim, right? Like he is by no means obese like Hyde. Poor hyde has like diabetes, high blood sugar and is a walking heart attack. Also, lazzy is sorta slim. Hank and the assaults are all beefy, but there is definetly some diversity there.


: |

10 chars


Well, speaking for myself, my own ego is not phased by what gender I play. I love playing Medic. So if there are times where I, as a male, feel that Val or Caira is the best choice for the situation, I’ll take her and not think twice. But i know there are others out there whose player gender plays more of a decision in their process (though I’ll never understand why)

If TRS ends up adding a female to Assault, it makes no matter to me. I don’t expect my opponents to choose a player based on their real-life gender, so it really represents nothing of tangible value in game. I understand that there is a desire by players to be able to “connect” with the player model they are choosing, and as such, a female may want the ability to find a female character, etc. But to me, I look at what that player brings to the game tactically, and that’s where my decision is made.

I’m assault this round? Well, I’m not black, but I love Parnell’s SS and shotgun damage for this Hunt mode, so hell yeah I’m gonna go Parnell and utilize what he brings to the crew to best effect. The fact that we’re different races (or in the event sex/species/[insert trait here]) don’t mean a thang to me :blush: