Request: Complete stats list

Being this such a competitive oriented game I was highly surprised when I searched for a list of every character stats and couldn’t find anything. Maybe someone from TRS could handle us one, would be very appreciated.

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Some of these are outdatedimage

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When you say “stats” you mean what, exactly?

W/L ratios?

Damage / bullet per weapon?

Oh geez, thanks man. Hope trs starts posting official patch notes so people don’t have a hard time getting these. Anyway, really appreciated.

As I said some are outdated basically anybody who’s had any damage number changes

If you want more specific, up to date stat breakdowns. You’ll have to comb through the telemetry data thread

Just to be a realist, the amount of data you ask for when you make a general stat list is so massive for an online game. It would require they dedicate manpower, time, and money to get that information. Which would take time away from asset production

We do post official patch notes… and have for every patch. 5.1 Hotfix (All Platforms)

dag wraith video was beautiful

No offense guys, I respect you all a lot, but the chart Crazy Bread posted above is far more useful than the patch notes I saw, like percent healing of healing bursts, or piercing dmg of medic guns, or dmg and duration of traps. I didn’t know Crow’s kinetic long rifle deals 132 dmg when charged (if elite), or Parnell using 17% of current hp with super soldier (I thought if you use when low hp you could actually die, in fact is what they say in the dialogues). Stuff like that, very very detailed.

Anyway, the game is great I love it. Keep it up!

Pretty sure Parnell’s Super Soldier self-damage is not of current hp, it’s just that it can’t kill you.

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Another reason they don’t post is because things change very often. I remember the Devs talking about it in the telemetry thread.

I remember macman mentioning that they were going to try to provide this type of information to try to help with clarity. I am guessing he just got busy.

I would assume that, given that it’s a crap-ton of information and data, they’re trying to both pull all the numbers together, as well as construct it in a format that is easy to read (and more importantly, give them something they can easily update on the fly as they push out balance patches).

All the data in the world is useless if it’s unorganized. Even the tables that @crazybread101 posted are fairly difficult to digest. It’s unarguably organized, but it doesn’t look easy to read - your eyes have to wander all over the tables in order to piece the information together.

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