Request: Bring back Victory Modifiers!


One of may favorite parts of victory is the way you go about expressing it. As you might now, in the last update monsters could utilize the following abilities to alter the victory screen.


  • Rock Throw: The Goliath holds the rock in it’s hand.
  • Fire Breath: If done at the right time, Goliath appears to be standing on a throne of fire.


  • Aftershock: Envelops the Kraken in a wave of electricity.
  • Flight: Flying causes the Kraken’s tentacles to seethe with electricity.


  • Abduction: Timing it just right cause the Wraith to appear as it does during the attack, with a black body and bright pink head.
  • Warp Blast: The Wraith does the Warp Blast animation.
  • Supernova: The Wraith is enveloped in cosmic energy.
  • Decoy: The Wraith is invisible

However, the Behemoth update completely removed this feature, and I hate it. Could this please be returned to how it was?


I second this. I’m not sure whether it was intended or not though, could just be a bug.


one is still in tact. evolve!!!

its like my signature lol. the monster wins and u can feel your controller vibrating. then BOOM hes popped into an egg. mid animation lol.


Sounds awesome, I’ll have to try it next time.


Yeah, winning as Goliath and then holding a rock to establish my dominance was a blast. I was sad to see it go.


Using Cloak as Wraith looked cool too, same with Abduction.


Seriously! I miss this so much!!!