Request: Ability to keep evolution bar on screen


This is just a personal thing, but I’d like to check my evolve status whenever I take a glance at my health and armor.

Prehaps just make it a yellow bar to co-inside with the blue and red?


g19 for the win…


I second this. Maybe they could at least have it popup when you hit the “T” button for the PC players, or I think it’s “select” for console players.


Seconded. It would be nice for picking when to engage hunters with a stage 2 monster, especially because incapping hunters fills the bar a bit :smiley_cat:


Yes. When you bring up the minimap it shows a lot of info anyway. The Evolution Bar should definitely appear then. @MacMan Is this something you have planned?


Yeah, it would just be another vital detail that a clever player could utilize. Maybe it could come up with or toggle in conjunction with the map for the monster.