Repulsor instantly gone (Videos included)


This shouldn’t happen please fix

Note: this is with capacity on…


Omg. That went down really quick lol


Yeah, it was quite atrocious to watch first-hand lol


STOP I COMMAND YOU! Oh shit… The Jackal is afraid…


Capacity buff? xD


Is afraid to ever actually use that quote?


More like capacity de-buff haha


The perk not the buff


The capacity isn’t great but anyway hopefully this is just a bug that they will address later :slight_smile:


this shouldn’t happen even if I didn’t have capacity perk lol


I’m not even gonna delve into whether or not capacity is good, but this is indoubtely a bug


Well Capacity on Jack’s Repulsor is freaking great but… this… I don’t know.

My theory is this. Jack activated his Repulsor on Goliath who was at the end of his Traversal so since the Repulsor read that Goliath was “using” a Traversal the Repuslor used up the energy it would use to overall cancel the Traversal as if it was at the start of the Traversal. Then of course Goliath jumped again immediately afterwards thus draining another section of the energy.

But… someone stated that Sunny’s Jetpack Booster visually only said 100% regardless of Masteries and Perks/Buffs but it was still granting the extra bonus energy.

Maybe here the same bug is taking place and it’s not granting the bonus energy.

But what do I know? I’m only a gamer with of a decade or so worth of experience…


charge + traversal?


As much as I would like to like to put logic and reason into the matter, capacity would stop two traversals, besides it should never take that much charge to stop a monster mid-traversal. This is a serious problem here.


Well I’m saying that yes it is a problem. My theory was that the Repulsor was reading the end of a Traversal as a full Traversal added with an immediate re-jump on Goliath’s end.


looks like it got the tail end of the first jump and the beginning of the 2nd jump


I can see how the end of the traversal and the beginning of the traversal could take chunks out, but not like that. I’ve stopped 2 traversal before. This is a 5 second gif where maybe 2 seconds of it, less than, captures what happened. It should never go away that fast and if the first traversal is what caused that huge chunk to dissapears then there needs to be some adjusting to Jacks repulsor that’s ridiculous. Also there was no charge


Still wondering if this is gonna be fixed it’s definitely a bug


Mastermind beat me to it.

You hit him just at the very end of a traversal- Which sucked up a huge chunk of your capacity (as it should), he then went into a charge- Which sucked up the rest.

It may FEEL instant to you, but bear in mind as far as the games concerned, you just stopped a traversal AND an ability- and put those on cooldown.

Side note: Test some things in a custom with a buddy. Have him take goliath, take capacity- and see how much particular things actually blow through your capacity. Its amazing how fast it can be broken by goliath when hes got 3 traversals + 2 abilities to dump into it.


How can we downplay that his feet barely touched the floor, and now we’re saying that he supposedly charged, (I’m not seeing it) but nonetheless gone into another traversal without so much as a half second of being on the ground? That really isn’t fair to Jack as a whole honestly, monster still got to where he wanted with little to no struggle watching this from his PoV really hurts.