Repulsing Aftershock


Is anyone else’s having issues blocking aftershock with Jacks repulsor? I can’t practice it if it doesn’t seem to work in the first place and it’s the only way I can save pub teams from its silly range.


I’m pretty sure everyone does, in the tutorials that was @MacMan playing him and he said in the stream it was really hard for him to do that.

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oh don’t get me started on jack’s repulsor is would take a LOT of practice it’s not like point and shoot. You have to turn it with your aim but during that time it makes you run out of energy slowly but when you aim right, draining it half already when trying to aim it, you have about 3 seconds of holding the monster back instead of 10. Takes some practice don’t worry when I got jack I only used the repulsor in defend.


I’m still working on reliable strategy to force krakens down to the ground. It’s hard because kraken has yo be facing you and you have to be on a cliff higher then kraken is which is also hard because he fly’s higher then most cliffs.

After shock you have to be directly under him and he needs to be facing you. Verynhard to pull off


Is it reliable but difficult or difficult and unreliable.


Stopping aftershocks or forcing him to the ground?


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Stopping an after shock is very difficult jacks repulsor only stops a monster that is moving forward. So if a kraken dive bombs and drops straight down it will not stop him even if you’re directly under him. The kraken needs to be moving forward and diving for your repulsor to stop him. So its not very reliable trying to stop I’d say just try to jetpack out of the way.

Forcing kraken to the ground is difficult and pointless unless you’re using it as a combo with another hunter. If your using it as crowd control on him youre just wasting fuel and ability. You have to be on a high cliff, and he as to be somewhat facing you. Then you have to use your jet pack to fly straight up for your high above him then you repulse him down. When you do get him to the ground, you’re going to have an empty jetpack, empty repulsor, and the kraken is just going to fly high up again.

Now say you use it as a combo with another hunter like Markov. Have markov set a big cluster of mines under kraken then you get up high wait for perfect moment and repulse him to the ground to drop in all the mines. That the only combo I have for him other then that if you’re trying to force him to the ground it’s gonna be useless because he will fly up again. So its only use is if your trying to drop him into a trap


apparently when I play has another hunter and jack is then AI he uses the repulsor like a pro most of the time I play