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Hm, monsters are losing more often than winning…why am I so surprised…

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Because team comps are more efficient and the hunter meta is starting to shift while monster players haven’t adapted to a fluctuating meta.

That and it seems people were so dependent on kraken cc bug that they never learned how to efficiently fight without it.

That would be my thoughts



The meta is exactly the same, Hank/Caira, only real difference is that Parnell is making an appearance



Hey all, I messed up! The line that says “Parnell” goes under “Torvald” Parnell was not picked, but Torvald was picked a bunch.



IT certainly doesn’t help that Hunters have gotten mainly buffs and Monsters have gotten mainly nerfs. Not saying some of the nerfs or buffs were wrong, but I feel it’s a big factor.



It’s even more sad when you actually watch the games, the few games the monsters did win, they won due to hunter miss-plays more than their own skill, and even then the games are comically close despite the hunters making huge errors.

In the finals in an open area the kraken hit three hunters as well as the drone in one aftershock in the fight which decided it. In the same game a toad grabbed someone, and this is supposed to be the highest level of play? Evolve competitive is a joke right now. It’s even funnier when you think about how only one monster has some semblance of a chance, and it’s because one of his abilities is bugged.

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