Reporting yet another bug


after doing evacuation this happens a lot… on PC.


I encountered this whist joining a match, I assumed right at the end of the round. Did this happen while you were joining an ending match or had you run through the evac. and then come across this?


I get this after running a full evac. Today i noticed my wins were not counting towards my leaderboard for 3 games as well its all bugged up!


Yeah I had this happen too. Don’t know if my Leaderboard “scores” were affected though. It might be two separate problems.


This has something to do with players, that are supposed to be attributed the “medal of honor”, who leave the game before the mission report, which screws the entire report.

This is not the biggest problem though. Joining a game at the end of Evacuation, right when the cutscene is rolling, it can hard-lock the game, which force you to restart it.