Reporting several bugs


Where to begin. PC issues:

  1. Loading into a match with 40+ people where we can not click or do anything because all 40 of us are spectating bots. We queued from skirmish.

  2. Getting randomly dropped from games just because steam decides to turn off.

  3. Game crashes no warning repeatedly, far above system specs, all drivers updated, google fiber connections, game runs fine otherwise.

  4. Random black screens unable to do anything but see mouse.

  5. All work and xp gained is lost after getting kicked out from game because of terrible matchmaking game recovery.

  6. Can’t rejoin my own game with error message lobby is full (lies, my friend still in game sees bots and remaining party members.)

  7. No rejoin protection due to crashes, I get spawned into rejoin matches as completely different class or as monster despite my old one being available.

If this is considered going ‘Gold’ oh boy. We had these issues back in alpha/beta and they were reported, and so-called day 1 patch is either nonexistent or not deployed.