Reporting Bug Abusers + Behemoth Bug Report


I generally dislike throwing mud around, but I feel this topic hits a bit too close to home for me to ignore.

I’ve recently been trying my hand out as Behemoth, and while I’ve had a ton of fun up until now, I recently encounter a bug that completely broke the game for me. While trying to stage up to stage 2, my character rapidly repeated the very beginning of the evolve animation, and the progress bar disappeared. After waiting a few seconds, I tried canceling it and instantly completed, however I was unable to choose any perks, and was thus locked out of my controls. I tried several countermeasures, like pressing escape, and alt-tabbing out of the game, but nothing worked. This bug was also present in the original version of the game, and I’m saddened it hasn’t been able to get patched out yet.

However, the group I was also fighting decided to abuse this bug, and continued fighting me even as it was clear that something was wrong (as one member even stated in the post-match lobby). I called for a restart of the match, but all 4 of them instantly voted no. I’ve always felt that bug abusing is a disgusting, dishonorable practice, and I’m fairly certain it goes against the player code of conduct. However, I have no outlet to report this to other than the forums. Therefore, I would like to request that the Evolve developers add a “report” tab in the after-match lobby of the game, to help put a stop to cheaters, bug abusers, and those that make hateful/discriminating comments towards others.


Do you remember which monster you were when this occurred? I have seen this happen to Wraith and seems to be related with decoy being used before evolving.


@LordDeath Hes was playing behemoth.


Completely skipped this line somehow. I saw the title and was confused of why there was no mention of Behemoth. My bad. Good information to know that it’s not just Wraith. Next question, did you rock wall just before starting the evolve?


Behemoth is disabled for f2p players for the reasons you stated, as well as more. Also, the evolve glitch you encountered has been patched in the patch that has just been deployed.


Dude literally just happened to me but with Elder Kracken… Was about to evolve to stage 2 and got stuck on the select your upgrades window… frustrating…


I can try and force it to break. Every time the glitch has happen with me I have paid attention to what was happening. If i can force, I will post a vid for the devs.


I always pray this glitch don’t happen to me when I play bob, wraith or gorgon.
It seems the glitch happens when the monster do the twerking thing before evolving.



Played Bob, made it to stage 2. While trying to recreate this glitch, turns out if your eating and your controller comes unplugged = crashed to desktop