Report players


Hey everyone

Is it possible to report players? I was just playing as hunter and we were in a bad possition, but not impossible. The trapper was whining the whole time… Eventually he throws the dome, I ask if the monster is in and he says No. So I ask him to take it down. His response was “I don’t want to”. I insta left…




Depends on your platform, but you would need to do it via Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. I don’t believe steam has a report function.


I’m on steam yeah. Thanks for answering man!


Sure thing!


Oh man, I was playing as a hunter the other day and we just obliterated this monster ok. So after the match the monster becomes support but asks for trapper, which he gets. Every time the dome was recharged he would trap us in there, knowing full well that the monster was miles away. What. A. Dick.


Indeed man. Sometimes I just wish that you could do teamdamage. I would shoot Sunny’s napalm right up his ****. Sorry for the rage mods :smiley: