Report players button


Yeah I said it and yes I am extremlly pissed off right now.

This game needs a option to report players while in game. I just had a match where both the trapper and medic where in a freaking team with the monster. They didn’t do a damn thing but let the monster kill me and the other player over and over until the match was almost over. And at the end they threw the dome up so there monster friend could destroy the relay to win. This boosting shit is on called for and flat out ruins the game. Who honestly wants to play a game where this is happening.

You want this game to be fun then shit like this needs to be handled.


I get the disclaimer at the start, truly…
But, and trying to be helpful here, you might want to edit and tone down a tiiiiiiiny bit, in case a mod takes a bit of offense :slight_smile:

I agree with your suggestion though, a report feature would be nice.


That was a tiny bit and honestly they should take offense, I remember way back people were asking for a report button or some way to report players and it never happened and still hasn’t happened.


I agree, there should be a report button.
And a tone down button on forum posts :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it if being able to report players who leave because they didn’t get their desired role and left.


Not going to tone down or apologize about my tone. When you start running into boosters,hacker,cheaters and the entire list of dickheads in this game and you know there is no way to report them. It really makes you question playing it. It was actually looked down on to call out players by name here in this very forum and those that did where usually harassed or had there post removed.

The devs care about the players well enough to rework large parts of the game but they don’t care enough to add a simple button to the game. Or even make a post on the forums to report players and what they did.


With the game going F2P, you get allll kinds of players. And a good chunk will be for the worse.

You don’t have to buy the game anymore. Throw in a report button. haha


The fact that it is F2P now means it needs such a button more then ever or the causal playerbase will die faster then it did in the last version.