Report Player Option


Can you guys make a report button option. So we can report players who are: abusive, afk, disconnect etc. That would be really great. It would really cut down on bad behavior and disconnections. Make it so if they get so many reports on something they get a penalty. Like for example, abusive players would get a mute ban for a certain amount of time. Another example would be, people that quit games a lot/often get a ban from ranked or arcade games or both for a certain amount of time. Then they could only play with their friends in custom or AI until their ban is up. This feature would be really great and I believe the game really needs it.


The problem I see is that it could be easily abused by spiteful or mean players.


yeah i was playing a pub yesterday in a party of 3 and the other 2 starting talking about a hunter and monster combo
essentially if you beat the monster they would both whale on you and the hunter wouldnt help in games that had you in them
wtf has bromance come to


Well if they set up a proper system for it, real or fake reports could be easily identified


But how? Especially for voice communications, you’d have to have the dialogue monitored by someone.

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Not necessarily. I mean I’m not an expert computer programmer that would be able to explain it to you how it would work. It would be something like it you get reported for disconnecting the game would be flagged the computer would look to see when he quit if it was beginning middle or end of game, depending how the system was programmed, judge him/her and put a strike on that player, player would be warned, maybe 3 strikes get a ban or something. abusive report would be the same and then it would go look in the chat log and voice and look for specific words or phrases. If the program came across a difficulty it could pass it along to a person or something along those lines. Have you ever seen or heard of LoL’s report system, if not go check it out. If they could come up with something like that it would work.


Also it really doesn’t matter what it is when it comes to abuse nothing is safe from that. Every game, system or anything else on earth gets abused. You cant stop it you can only help to reduce it.


But a legit disconnect (power outage, bad ISP) would also get strikes. There’s no way to determine if someone pulls their Ethernet out or if their ISP has a hiccup. I’m not saying its a bad idea, but you’re going to hit a lot of players who aren’t intentionally engaging in negative activity.

As for the voice/chat log, that would require that TRS/2K record all conversations of players which would require an entirely new EULA otherwise I could see that becoming a huge privacy issue.


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As for the topic. There is already a way to report cheaters/hackers, not for dc,chat abuse and afk though :frowning:
I’ll summon @snowkissed @LadieAuPair to know if they have something to tell us about this :slight_smile:


Lets not try to be a negative nancy about the whole thing. yes those legit disconnects would get strike but nothing would come of it unless it happens frequently as in a habitual occurrence. Go check out lols report system look at how they handle everything. They punish legit disconnects too and they have millions of players. Over there when you quit a game once you get a 5min penalty from be able to play do it again within a certain time frame of that 1st offense it goes up to 15min and so forth. Its possible for this to work.


Imo that system could work in a later version of evolve. As for now, i don’t think so since there are lot of bugs around to be polished in this beta version that could cause dc or crash. It would be frustrating to be punished for something you have not commited on your own :frowning:
Maybe once stage 2 gets his ultimate release and is out of beta and all fixed, i think that system couldn’t be out of discussion to implement it :wink:


Thats all Im saying, it is beta after all.


I’m not trying to be negative, just playing the devil’s advocate.


Given enough time, this is something we’ve talked about implementing. There’s a lot of things to determine for that process, though, so it’ll take some time as there would need to be people dedicated to reviewing the reports.