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For some reason I can’t find the button in-game to report discrimination and other attempts at foul behavior. I’m not sure if this bug is intentional or not, but I feel like it’s seriously affecting the community in a rather negative way. Perhaps there is a way to nerf discrimination and buff acceptance? Or @MacMan do you know a way to fix this on PC?


In the future it would be better to post actual bugs to

and suggestions/feedback to

instead of to general

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This isn’t a suggestion however. I’m reporting a bug :sunglasses:


It’s not a bug that there isn’t a report feature. There was never a report feature. So adding it is a suggestion if it disappeared then it would be a bug.

This is the current method of reporting players


If the feature doesn’t exist that doesn’t make it a bug. It makes it a suggestion :wink:
It makes me sad the few people who cheat/abuse which makes people have to ask for this to be implemented :’(


Oh, this thread isnt about cheating. It’s about people discriminating others and being verbally abusive. The fact that there is no way to to deal with these kinds of violations is a massive bug. How can a game thrive when its own community is poisoning itself from the inside out?


or any other violation of the Code of Conduct in our Terms of Service you can report them.


The following rules, policies, and disclaimers shall govern and/or apply to your use of the Online Services.

(2) you will not restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Online Services (for example, by means of harassment, hacking or defacement); (3) you will not use the Online Services to create, upload, or post any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, harassing, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of one’s privacy, in violation of any law, or is inconsistent with community standards;(7) you will not cheat or utilize any unauthorized robot, spider, or other program in connection with the Online Services;


So how does one go about reporting a breach of the Code of Conduct when it’s happening in-game? Because from what I gathered you’re not allowed to name and shame anyone on here, nor is there a separate place where you can easily submit your complaints and have them looked after.


If you see anything suspicious in Evolve, like players using cheats, exploits, or any other violation of the Code of Conduct in our Terms of Service you can report them.

How Do I report suspicious behavior from players in the game?
Visit and select Evolve > Gameplay Issue > “Abusive Player Report” or send us an email at Please include the following information:

Platform (PS4, XBOX One or PC).
Player Gamertag /PSN ID/Steam ID which you are reporting.
Description of the incident in as many details as possible.
Approximate time/date of the incident.
If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot. Any evidence submitted must show the player’s Gamertag or PSN ID and a clearly-visible offense.
Taking a screenshot or video often involves using an external device (such as a smartphone or screen capture card) to record what is shown on your screen.
The picture or video evidence can then be uploaded and attached to your email. Videos posted on YouTube are also acceptable as long as video link is included in correspondence.

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So what you’re saying is that there’s no easy way to do this in-game, without having to sift through pages upon pages on the internet, or trying to take printscreens/video?

Does Evolve keep track of its chat logs in any kind of way? Because if the answer is yes, you could just integrate an internal report system that sets a red flag around the time of the breach; all it would take is for someone from support to sift through a few seconds of chatter and then respond accordingly. This alone would solve the breaches that are visible in the chat.

Other than recording entire matches there is no way to get evidence of any breaches via audio sounds or in-game exploits. Unless there is a way to shadow people who got flagged, which could be very time consuming and thus not a good solution.

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