Replied Post [MOBILE]


The icon that takes you to the replied post isn’t working on mobile.

I circled the icon in question.


I was just about to make this exact thread. Glad it isn’t just me. That’s a rarity.


Mine is working fine, takes me to the post.
What phone/OS you running? I have an iPhone5s


HTC One M8


Mine is working as well. Did you reboot your browser? Not just refresh, but completely close and reopen.


Are you using the default browser or another one? Like Chrome?


Chrome is my Default.


It works for some not others.


Yes and I’m asking if you tried to reboot the browser and if it had any affect. Just trying to narrow down the cause.


Nope. Just ended the application and then started it again, didn’t change.


Alrighty, can you try a full reboot of your phone?

I want to make sure it’s not a ram issue before pinging discourse.


I closed chrome and reopened it and it fixed itself. Restart it again?


Nope, some still work others still don’t.


Hmmm, can you link me to some that do not work?



Am I seeing this correctly, they’re all replies to GentlemanSquirl?


Currently yes, I don’t know if it’s a deleted post or something but I came check. This may occur with other posts but I haven’t found any today.


Alrighty, I’m going to share the links you have and log the issue with discourse.


I think I’ve found that if the page isn’t loaded yet then it will not carry me to the reply. I got it to occur for a post replying to me so I think that is the issue.


So if the topic is large enough and that post hasn’t been loaded the link won’t work. Am I following?