Replaying Evacuation days


I don’t know whether or not this is supposed to happen, but I seriously doubt it.

I’m on Xbox One, and I’ve been periodically encountering a bug where the game forces a group to replay a day we have just finished in evacuation.

Its only happened to me on Day 1 Hunt so far. It shows me my after game report and XP gains, then throws us right back into the character selection screen of the game and map we just played. I decided to stay and replay the first time and the same thing happens. Now I just leave the lobby anytime this bug occurs. Its happened to me 3 times since launch, and I’m only complaining now because it happened to me twice in a row. Both when I was on the monster side in Evac, which is really is a very rare occurrence for me.


People didn’t leave mid game did they? Like you actually completed the round right?


I’m not entirely sure, but I think the last time this bug happened someone had quit because I was admiddetly ‘toying’ with them as Kraken. Dont remember the other 2 times.

Edit: We finished the game though. The other 3 players stayed and took their beating.


Strange. Because I know it does that if everyone leaves.


I remember seeing the other 3 hunters when we were put back into the character selection screen. One of which left the lobby, and the other two readied up as if they wanted to replay the day. I simply took my leave after that.