So, I’ve talked about the game to my friends for a few weeks, and keep showing the interactive trailer and stuff to others…
One of them (only one…) seems to fear that the game could not work/be fun in random plays, and so could be not as fun as I’m trying to convince him.

Thus I’m asking you something very important for me :

Are, truly and quite significantly, each hunt different from each other ?
Meaning, when the game is over, you think about it and it was something unique. You won’t confound this game with another one in your memories…

*Either cause it was not the same characters, or the same players, or because some wildlife are random, or even because you turned right instead of left at this moment…?

Or when you become skilled, you know at certain point that the game will definitely go this way, and ending Like this…?*


tl;dr Yes

While I cannot give you the full mathematical breakdown as to how many different combinations and permutations of content that can be leveraged for a single match, what I can say is that every match definitely feels new.

We will have to record the audio - perhaps even video - of one of our daily internal playtests, but even then with “experts” playing the game you can hear shouts of excitement and screams of fear/surprise.


a far as becoming skilled goes there will always be a point that the human mind will encompass almost all of the possible outcomes. they could add in a random factor but nothing is truly random and thus can be predicted.

so it all comes down to, how long until you understand the game? how much love and time have they spent on it is a good judge of this. they have allot of love for this game.

maybe a better question to ask them is to define replayability and see if there answer settles your / friends fears. with this question they can be quite free to talk, where info about there secretive game would normally get in the way.

i love the mystery behind your game and hope there will be allot for me to uncover each time i play


I know it’s a weird thing to ask, but have you already worked out the total number of possible combinations of characters and maps? And if so would you tell us on release/when we know how many playable characters there are?


Whatever the number of maps/characters if you really feel that games are the same…

…Well, actually I don’t think it will be like this. For me this game will be like a revolution, but I still had to ask this question.
It’s maybe one of the most important points…


The thing that will keep you from having the same experience is that you have 5 player controlled characters, which keeps the game from playing like say a singleplayer mission in most FPS games. Will you remember EVERY single match you play? No, no one ever does. The shear (no pun intended) number of variables in a single match will make each match unpredictable. Even the smallest change can change the match entirely. And if you just switch one single hunter in the game, it will change the way the other 3 hunters will play. As for playing with randoms being fun, the answer is in your question, it randomly depends on who you get


These coop games are almost always great at replayability. L4D it was the random spawning of enemies and random assortment and placement of items. Payday it’s the random layout of maps, random way cops spawn or if you even go loud as opposed to stealth. Sometimes cops ambush you when you’re doing a deal or sometimes the other people in the deal turn on you.

Evolve it’s going to be each team of hunters, the monster, the map, the wildlife. Replayability is honestly my smallest concern for this game. Especially since it’s also a competitive coop game with the monster being controlled by a human it makes it much more dynamic and interesting. I ended up only playing L4D versus because it added more dynamism to have human controlled SI.


I’m actually going to love all the different combinations of strategies that people will have and it’s very likely that each person will have their own to each individual character in the game, times that by how many people will have bought the game and how many matches people will be playing, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


Yup, you and I might play Griffin or Hyde very differently while two others might play Val or Hank very differently. Same with the monster, maybe it will be super aggressive Goliath, another Goliath might be defensive and sneaky.


Totally agree. There are rarely any memorable moments in other fps, and they mainly consist of ‘I killed lots of dudes and didn’t die’ whereas in Evolve it’d be more, ‘remember that time x monster got into a fight with two Tyrants and we got stuck with them under the mobile arena?’ ‘or that other time…’ etc
You’d actually have a reason to remember it, instead of forgetting it because you’ve already done it 5 times.


Or even “remember the first time I got a stage one victory as (certain monster) against my friends”. Looking forward to those types of moments


And we’ll all be able to capture these moments thanks to the beauty of the share button.


The Xbone doesn’t have a share button does it?


Certainly does!

When playing, you can record a clip from around 30 seconds of previous gameplay by saying “Xbox, record that” to the Kinect and then it’ll save the clip for you to edit and upload later, say to your YouTube channel! For example:

And I’ll be looking forward to recording tons of great moments from playing Evolve and filling my YouTube channel with them and sharing them with you guys! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What if you don’t have kinect? I’m borrowing my brother’s Xbox One whilst he’s away and he didn’t leave it for me, and I’d like to give the video recording thing a try


I believe you can snap the game DVR app, and then select it whenever you want to record something. With this in mind, you can actually record up to 5 minutes of game play. Also, you can switch between your game and snap mode by double tapping the Xbox button on the controller!


You’ll have to be picky about what you choose to capture on XB1 then if its only 30 seconds. Maybe they’ll update it to match PS4’s 15 minute capture time. A lot of multiplayers have 15 minute matches so its useful for when I get multiple good moments in one match


Yeah it would be nice to capture at least a full game’s worth of footage! But myself, I’m really looking for just short clips like some crazy/cool/funny moments in the game so I think between 15-30 seconds capture time should be enough for them!

Although, you CAN edit multiple clips into one long video and make montages out of them so that might come in handy! :thumbsup:


How are you meant to get the moments if you can only record for 15-30 seconds? Would you have to guess when they’re about to happen or can you sort of go through the last hour’s worth of footage and choose from that?


On PS4, it records your previous 15 minutes, so I imagine the XB records your last few seconds