Replay please


There honestly should be some kind of replay system. Maybe watch after the game from both perspectives.


As much as id like this as well - sadly it’s a pipe dream :frowning: getting this to work properly with the cry engine as is would be a phenomenal task

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What I don’t understand is why we don’t get to see the minimap replays that already get generated. They just get quickly swapped out for the XP and Key rewards, but occasionally you’ll get a glimpse of them. At least give us a button to go see it.


sometime I see a strategic replay after the game, what is up with that ?


this is getting out of hand. it seems that somehow all bad things in evolve are there because they used the wrong engine… that is a sad thing.


I wouldnt go that far. It might not be the best engine, but none of them are capable of giving everything everyone wants. But, if nothing else, one must admit that this game is damn beautiful and that is something we can thank the engine for.

Back on topic, I would love to see the strategic map replay post-game start showing up properly, as I think it would give Hunter-exclusive players a lot of insight into Monster feeding routes and the like.
Post-game map replay would be 10/10