Replacing PC Parts


Looking to replace mobo and CPU for around £300
Will probably replace GPU with AMD R9 300 series when they’re out

Current System :
8GB Ram
AMD athlon ii x4 740
MSI FM2-A55M-E33 mobo
AMD R9 270x OC Windforce

Currently looking at :
Mobo - Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard
CPU - AMD FX 9590
Air cooler - Cooler Master V8

But have been told that you can get better performance for the same price with Intel.
Any suggestions?



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Yes, at these costs, you can get better performance for better price with Intel. Think i5-4600’s. They may look worse, but outplay most AMD CPUs out there.


Unfortunate truth depending on what you’re doing. Just have to hope your rig works with the game itself lol

That said, if you go intel, make sure the motherboard supports the CPU. Was looking at cpu recently that had a second revision that wouldn’t work with any of intel’s motherboards.

EDIT: Also consider ram speed limitations of the CPU. Some CPUs don’t officially support speeds over 1333 so 2000+ memory speed is wasted :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t realize there was more than 1 type of off topic, lol. Cheers for changing that for me.

I’ve heard that it’s worth checking benchmark when comparing Intel and AMD. I will check the I5-4600’s out, thanks.

Already bought 2133 Hz Ram, and something tells me it’s currently being wasted :’(
That being said, I’m considering buying another 8GB.
Do you have any suggestions for Intel CPU’s which support speeds of 2133Hz?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Ya, good idea.

Thinking about it, you don’t even need us.


Just checked out the Intel Core i5-4690K which is the same price as the AMD FX 9590
AMD FX 9590 benchmark core : 10292
Intel Core i5-4690K benchmark score : 7777

So the Intel i5-4690k is supposedly beaten even by the AMD FX 8320, which has a price of £110, and a score of 8060.
Any other suggestions for me to check out? :smile:

I am not knowledgeable in the ways of Intel. I don’t even know where to start with searching for Intel CPU’s xD
Help if greatly appreciated


I just think Intel is just better in CPU’s wise.

While AMD vs Nvidia i think the competition is good,i don’t think AMD can rival Intel

(Keep in mind until DX12 hits and people start working around it no game will use more than 4-cores of your CPU)


Alright, I’ll take up a post and do some research and then edit it back with some useful info.

Just give me some hours, I’m nowhere near a decent computer right now!


Worth noting I have a 750W power supply.
My GPU claims to take 600W peak.
Intel seem to take up a lot less power than AMD CPU’s.
Then again, I’m dubious as to whether the GPU really takes up that much power ever.


Anyway i’m not an expert on this stuff.

For example now i want to upgrade my AMD graphics card and probably go to GTX 970.The only thing stopping me is the device hung error that 970 is getting with Evolve.Or i could wait for the new AMD x300 so prices keep falling.

But when i go to upgrade my CPU i’ll choose intel for sure.Maybe in the future AMD will start catching up since games will get advantage of DX12 more but until that day comes…


Benchmarks are deceiving at times. Some benchmark in terms of processing power and others benchmark by the game played - which is effectively useless since a GPU has the biggest impact and some GPUs will work one one rig better than another. Not to mention some people have extra programs running in the background while gaming, but most benchmarks don’t consider this.

I’ve only ever had 1 Intel system, and it had a lower clock speed than my AMD at the time, but it ran much smoother. Everything just ran much better in casual use. :+1: For Intel.

I have an AMD system currently due to cost VS power. AMD will get you more power for a lower cost until you start reaching the $300 range of CPUs. Then it evens out, but the pricier CPUs tend to favor intel - depending on circumstance.

AMD isn’t always less efficient in terms of power. I have a 8320 cpu @ 125w and my wife has the 6300 cpu at I think 95w, but in terms of performance they run about the same. My benchmark shows higher and our clock speeds are the same, but I have 8 cores (while she has 6) so of course when it comes to multiprocessing its going to be better. However, for video games the performance is close to the same since most games will not use 8 cores - if you’re only gaming at the time.

Now if you multitask like me, then 8 cores will come in handy. I work with several excel spreadsheets, have multiple browsers and e-mail programs open along with Twitch streams and such - even while I game. The game won’t use all 8, but the system itself will so I can have extra browsers and programs running without a performance hit. Its slightly noticeable on my wife’s computer. Our motherboards are different, but they boast the same stats in terms of speed potential. Our ram is the same speed, and she even has more ram @ 16GB. CPU clock speeds are the same, but as I said, I have 2 extra cores than her.

Best advice I can give is to find out what you want to do, then find someone who does it and ask what they use. Take a few polls and make a decision from that.