[Repeat] Invisible Wildlife when playing hunters bug(PC)

Lately a lot of wildlife, mostly all are predators (occasionally amaradons) and mammoth birds are invisible. They only appear or spawn? when you’re standing right in there face.

It’s super scary because you could be minding your own business when sudden a Blitzer materializes out of thin air and pounces you, or a group of mammoth birds swarming you.

Sloths, Elite nomads, Dune beetles and Armadons are also effected by this, stryders too but they aren’t bothersome.

I’ve been seeing the same issue. Lot’s of wild life spawns late, when first starting the game. It will spawn after you get to the spawn point. Sometimes you have to wait for them to spawn one at a time.
Here’s an example. It’s not the best but shows wildlife swapning after I’m looking for it: http://xboxclips.com/b0z+z0d/ec06e32f-1c47-4d22-93c5-1e440902aaf4

Bonus: At the end of this clip you can see my issue with the changes to Leap Smash as well. Radius and distance was adjusted, but the aiming graphic does not always line up. You can see the graphic squarely over the Mbird, but the LS lands short. IMO this is the biggeset issue/nerf to Goliath from last patch.

So this is a thing? Tagging @shaners to log it

When I’ve been able to get a monster match, this has been fairly consistent.

This is a feature in the game. Wildlife is programmed to spawn in about the same time that Hunters do. This gives Monsters time to decide which way they want to go. After Hunters drop it the spawning becomes more consistent around the 45 second to 1 minute mark. These kind of issues you’ve explained occur from going to a location that the Monster hasn’t very close to the start of the game causing wildlife to spawn on top of the Hunters.

This same issue affects Monsters aswell, even more than the Hunters.

I don’t mind the spawning in front of my eyes thing, its the attacking someone right in their face that’s the main problem.

It doesn’t bother the monster as much as they don’t do much damage to the monster and most wildlife tend to run away from the monster. But still its annoying when they’re spawning in your face.

For hunters however this is a really annoying problem they have to deal with, just about everything that spawns in their face wants to kill them.

Maybe if there was some way for the wildlife to have a minimum range distance it wouldn’t be such a problem.


A minimum range of say 4 meters, meaning the wildlife cannot spawn closer than the set amount of meter.

The distance should be just close enough but enough to hurt the hunters without them being able to react to the wildlife

I have seen this before!

Thank you for the info!

It is logged and being worked!

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