[Repeat] Abilities disappear


Was just playing as behemoth and staged up to level 3. I selected my abilities and evolved then they blacked out. I’m on PS4


Sounds lovely


Well it made downing the hunters difficult. Glad they weren’t coordinated


This is a known bug, been reported before and I’m pretty sure TRS is working on it. I think the thread can be closed?


If not then tagging @Shaners


I don’t know if this bug is logged though :confused:


Actually not seeing it as logged… hmph…


###Get your butt over here and log this! :smile:


@MrStrategio Can you tell us if this bug is logged? I have seen some threads reporting this, but I can’t see a confirmation :sweat_smile:


Yes, this was reported in another thread and from there @Shaners entered a bug for it.

Goliath Evolution bug
closed #9

Closing topic as the issue has already been reported.

Thank you for your info and time! :slight_smile:

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