REOPENED POLL : Colorful Maps


As title says, here is a poll and I would like to know your opinions if we, comunity, want some more colorful maps .

  • Yes, TRS please!
  • No, I don´t like that idea

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Examples :

As @EyelessWolf mentioned, [quote=“EyelessWolf, post:29, topic:65363, full:true”]
Especially so all of our bright ass skins can fit in

It will bring new fresh air to Evolve maps, cause all maps we have so far are kinda… dark and shady.
Also @Frank0s got a good point, [quote=“Frank0s, post:24, topic:65363”]
Shear seems to be a dark place, but what bout the other side of the planet, could it be trippyland?

So guys vote the poll and let us see what you think ! :smile:
If there will be enough possitive feedback, I will tag devs


Cosmic skins being a thing you can use without being seen from 300m off, yay!


I’d be so distracted by the pretty colors! Players using the default monster skins would stand out in super colorful maps though.


or any other darker skinns (bog digi camo sandstone wenigo carnivore ect.)


nice new icon


I am missing your blue rose T_T


So am I. I think. Maybe.


Second photo. I want.

TRS, if you’re looking for a lighting artist, I happen to know one working AAA for a game being made on CryEngine. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a great Poll, thank you! I thought I might be the only one who got a bit bored of the desert like maps and the often bleak landscape.

More colorful maps would perfectly fit to the game I think! Please TRS color-up our life!!


What kind of person could vote ´No, I dont like that idea´ ? ,_, T__T


The kind of person that hates fun.


Profile pic changed again? Where did Val go… :frowning:


Which is why it’s perfect. Stealth is silly. :wink:
Unless you are Wraith and mabe Kraken.


Nah, stealth is always silly. :stuck_out_tongue: But let’s not get into that here because that’s a brutal and bloody argument. :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course not. I just like shiny skins! :smile:


Anyways, at what number of ´pollers´ you think that I should tag the devs ? 60? or it is not enough?


The shiny skins are always the best skins. :smiley: I mean having a jet black Goliath glowing red would be badass, but nothing screams “You can’t touch me, nyanyanya” more than a bright purple skin. :smiley:

I have no idea. You could tag them right away, I guess, and they’d keep an eye on it. Either way the forums are only a fraction of Evolve’s community, and only a fraction of the people here will see this.



Just trying something, don´t mind me…


ok ill type 100 comments in this thread and you summon thy dev