Renegade Abe's Chase Damage Too Strong


I’m not saying nerf his over all damage. I’m saying buff his initial shotgun damage so he’s slightly better in domes. After that, nerf the damage over time. His dots take too much health away on the chase in my opinion, which makes chase comps able to take a bar of health or even more with just RAbe’s dots.

I feel like Renegade Abe is dealing too much damage after dome fights

It´s strong… yes. Do you play versus premades or Hunt?
Just curious cause the 12% Movement and 7% Jetpack buffs.


That is his intended strength tho. The whole name of the game with RAbe is punishing on the chase, since most Assaults are all about the in Dome fight.

I think you’re able to get more done inside a Dome against him, especially if you just full on commit on someone since you should have more commit time against RAbe compared to another Assault.

It was a bit bothersome for Guidance at first when we first started playing, but he got used to him and figured out how to play against Rabe.

I feel like Renegade Abe is dealing too much damage after dome fights

but his nade negates a big deal of damage… and his damage isn´t all that weak…

we would know if we finally would get some nice endgame stats :wink:


It seems like all three of the new variants are specifically geared towards extremely skilled players, which imo is a welcome change considering the first batch basically just asked that you had thumbs lol


Premades yeah.


Yeah these variants are all from the balance team and we wanted to create a few characters that were more complex to see how people react.

It’s all about giving people a nice mix to play. I think P Parnell will be a super fun design to get out to the community.


Yeah, his chase damage would make sense…if his dome damage wasn’t already perfectly strong, and he wasn’t still a terrible focus target.

Try cutting the duration of his shield.


But Insane I get that you want the chase damage after domes to be a big part of the game. But good teams can already do that with just a standard composition. There’s numerous times where I’ve lost a bar of health after the dome dropped because players were just very skilled. When you add renegade’s dots into the mix, that chase damage seems almost too punishing especially with chase related comps. My team was complaining about how ridiculous it is before I was haha. Not to mention there’s plenty times where I run and the dot interrupts my feeding because I have to panic eat while my health is melting, and that gives RAbe the chance to re-apply the dot. It almost feels like you have to take the DoT dmg and run as far away as you can before you can start eating again.

I just wanted to give my 2 cent’s and see if people agree with me.


pee parnell… who came up with this -.-

Anyway, a quick switching RAbe brings the pain in a dome fight… it´s pretty insane… heh.
I actually prefer him right now than most assault.


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