Renegade Abe? What about Assault Emet?


Would be possible for Emet to be assault without healing/revives, replace them for damage fields or replacing the airdrop beacon for a nuke beacon. I would like to see a more crazed-often Emet + see more badass voicelines for him. I don’t know what could replace his replay gun though.
Probably not until 5 years later lel.

Emet the Assault!

Who says it needs to be replaced? Only changed. How about a weapon that fires from the finger on left clicks and rockets on right click and you need to fire both of them simultaneously with good accuracy for the best results?

Personally, I think the beacon and healing buoys would need to be completely scrapped.


How about we just replace him with…


I like that. Buoys would make a damage-dealing AOE a bit smaller than healing buoy AOE and the Beacon would charge up and then release a pulse which did large amounts of damage unless destroyed or moved out of range of.


A problem I have with this is as follows:

People keep going “Oh what about Slim as an Assault! Or Emet!” and they list things.
I don’t want more Assaults. We don’t need more Assaults. The Assault class has six Assaults right now. Focus on the other classes.

Specifically Monsters since they’re the ones with the least number of playable characters overall that is. 27+ Hunters and only 7 Monsters.


Well, I did say probably not in 5 years, which means they fix evolve and balance it out but I do get what you’re saying there. Monsters deserve first priority anyways.


Well people like to argue the fact that it’s “4v1 so obviously there will be 4x more Hunters as there are Monsters” to which I will argue is not fair.

Just because the game needs four times as many players to play as a Hunter does NOT mean it’s fair to give them 4x as many choices. In the past when you could say “Well Monsters cost a ton” that’s reasonable but with adaptations there’s no reason that we have so few choices.

But on top of all that I still would like to see more interesting and new ideas; especially since I do like the idea of an Assault Slim/Emet although I doubt it’d happen any time soon.


Boxing Emet please.


I mean, he does wear a boxing helmet.


Emet should be a support and his beacon is a bubble shield



So personally I hate Emet with a passion, every time he’s on my team we lose. However his rockets are so fun to use and open up a great opportunity for an interesting assault character. Imagine being able to target rockets at the monster and then switch to another ability to do even more damage while the rockets are still pinging off, fun right? So long as the rockets and his other abilities don’t out do that of the other assault characters then I could see Emet as an incredibly open character for development. Whether it be having a second weapon to fire while the rockets fly or activating some sort of ability it really does make you wonder what Emet could become.


Imagine a War Drone only version of Emet! That would make assault material easily…

But I’m afraid another has already stolen my hopes and dreams; C-Bucket. I really want him to be an assault so the reign of Bucket can return I’m full glory!
Don’t let #4 and #5 die in vain!
Vote C-Bucket as assault now!


Rest In Pepperoni #4 and #5 :sob:

New players won’t undertand this feel…




So true, so true :sob:



Maybe that EMET player is just newbie who doesn’t know how to use him properly.
EMET is one of the strongest Medic right now.


Every time this is suggested - which is a whole damn lot - another little part of my hopes and dreams lets go, and passes on to the other side.

I feel like crying, but the tears would hurt too much.

My blood ran cold for a few seconds when I saw the title, I thought this was going to be a “Confirmed” thread. Then a bead of sweat rolled down my forehead, followed by the most overwhelming feeling of relief I have experienced in my life.


[quote=“Viindice, post:6, topic:100899, full:true”]
Maybe that EMET player is just newbie who doesn’t know how to use him properly.EMET is one of the strongest Medic right now.[/quote]
I being an emet player honestly think that he is strongest with players who basically know how to spam. After laying down 3 buoys and spamming heal burst EMET can easily get 20k healing. He is definitely a difficult to use character but when you know how to play him well you can put down a bacon and then just piss off a stage 3 gorgon so it doesnt go for the bacon. To sum up, EMET is essentially an assault who can heavily heal and get his teammates back. (well this reply didn’t make any sense)


Yup it doesn’t make any sense so shut the f* up…jk :joy: