Renegade Abe Variation and Speculation

#1 @IanBreaker and I saw it on the store.
First of he is the Atomic Warrior according to the website
His grenades look like gas grenandes
His shotgun may do poison damage
Tracking dart may do damage

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Possible Abe variant?
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Anyone else catch it?

Holy flip that’s epic!


What? Abe looks so bad ass!


Renegade Abe??? Is this serious??? I want it!


I know right!!! I just bought the Monarch skin.


Can you play him?


No I can’t :frowning:


Edited the title to fix spelling, hope you don’t mind




I was typing so quickly I didn’t even notice, Thanks!


Wait, is this a variant or a skin? :scream:


It is a skin for a variation!!!


Source on this image?


I saw it in the store


@Magnus_Medic and I were relaunching evolve and checked the store - front page


Just the Skins, or was the Adaptation there too?


That’s cool and all, but that Lazarus blood eagle skin is sick as shit! He has blood poured on his head!


Just the skins


Is there is a full body skin just like every current weapon skin, I need to see a night hunter skin. Especially for a trapper!


:scream:Renegade Abe Night Hunter Skin!!!