Renegade Abe - Single Fire vs Double Fire



I used both reload perks. Discuss…


What exactly are you pointing out here?


Using single fire seems to cycle the reload animation a lot faster compared to alt-fire.


yes, it also looks like RAbe profits more from reloading instead of cycling his pack. because his reload is way faster than you can quickswitch and apply debuffs.


The different fires have very different functions. One is burst damage and the other applies a DoT effect. Additionally most gameplay you have to constantly cycle through your kit anyways.

So I don’t really understand the point of this…


I like to left click then right click, best of boat worlds.

…I think.


If you do that then the right click will only do half damage.
Also I don’t think R.Abe owns a boat. He’s not rich like Lennox.


Oh, I’m a bad.

It’s out there somewhere, I can smell it.


Left click deals 9 damage per pellet (8 pellets)
Applies a 20 dps dot for 5 seconds
Right click deals 16 damage per pellet (16 pellets) (Requires 2 shots to fire)
2 shot ammo capacity
1.5 second reload

1 left click does 72 damage + 100 poison over 5 second = 172 damage (~116 dps)
1 right click does 256 damage (~171 dps)

so in theory it is best to:

dart, nade, 2x left, 3x right, 2x left, 3x right, 2x left and repeat.

i actually did not know about the poison only on left click. but it seems that right click wins except you are on a chase and far away. the more you know!


Well, I would suggest using it in the 7-24 meter range. Every bullet applies the poison so you can consistently get a good amount of damage from it, but damage from the right click is dependent on getting enough hits from the actual bullets.