Renegade Abe (OP)


Coming from a Hunter play (not Monster)

First & foremost if a Monster chooses (Damage Reduction Perks) - we all know every hunters damage is horrible & games last a long time, but when you find a Monster that doesn’t use them Renegade Abe wins it all.

Renegade Abe is 3 classes in 1. His damage is absolutely insane when combined with the right perks. In my opinion he is now the best pick out of all the assaults.

[+] Highest Damage Output (with the right perks) (possibly bugged)
[+] Poison Damage (tons of DoT power) (DoT text displays visible through obstacles walls)
[+] Amplifys Damage done to Monster
[+] Reduces Damage done by the Monster
[+] Constant Reloading is the trade-off for High Damage

Why pick any other assault with that kind of utility? Is this a joke? Assault + Support + Tracker in one class, he has it all.

The trade-off is reloading, ALOT OF IT, which is also very short.


Assuming you ALWAYS start with dart

Dart = 32 + 7.5% = 34.4 dps = 344 (10 seconds)
= 344

Grenade = 25 + {60} = 85 + 7.5% = 92.5 per impact
Grenade = 12 + 7.5% = 12.9 (10 seconds)
= 449

Reload speed = 1.5 x (6 shots) = (9 seconds) if (7 then 10.5) = (9 being fair)

Shotgun = 9 x 8 + 7.5% = 77.4 + 77.4 = 154.8 (2 shots) x 3 = 154.8 = 464.4 (in 9 seconds)
Shotgun = 20 + 7.5% = 21.5 dps = 107.5 (10 seconds)
= 571.9 (in 9-10 seconds)

Alt-Fire = 16 x 16 + 7.5% = 275.2 (1 shot) x 6 = 1651.2 (in 9 seconds)
= 1651.2 (in 9 seconds)


1020.9 (total with Shotgun DoT)
1651.2 (total with Shotgun Alt-fire)

2672.1 (total with both)


Renegade abe op?

interesting take on it. I thought he was terrible. So did all the other guys in my party last night.
It was mediocre at best. Low dmg output, long reload times.

Unless my game was broken but he only had 2 shots on primary. which does 28dmg each. Which is far less than 1 rocket from parnell.

The dart only gives 1.1x damage increase. Which is nothing.
And the nade did 30 dmg.

Maybe our games were broken. But his damage was less than a medics.


Just for clarification. It doesn’t quite do 10% damage increase. It’s closer to like 8-9%. The grenade does like 70 something and also does a dot. All of his abilities have a lingering poison. I still agree that his overall damage is fairly lackluster all things considered, butt just wanted to clear this up.

By less than 10%.

By a measly 5%

Even stacking acid rounds his damage is comparable to Markov without mines tbh.


I personally think he is fine, Most assaults have high damage in one weapon but, Renegabe has medium damage everywhere


Renegade Abe appears

Monster : “Meh”


hes very weak. he has great utility, but his lack of damage does not merit him taking up an assult space


I have a feeling he’s going to be used by good teams a lot considering his post-dome potential.


I don’t think you were using him properly, like, at all.


I think in the other thread it said the damage increase was 7.5%


He seems fine to me, but i’ve only played 4 games with him and won all of them. Swap speed and poison perks are insane though.


I don’t think he is as good or bad as everyone says he is. Renegabe is all about the DoT. His best strengths are being okay at all ranges and being able to constantly do damage. Use shotgun>nade>dart>repeat. But he has seemingly low damage if you don’t do this.


It is low dps if you do that cycle


Its pretty high if you’ve tried it. I consistently get 7k dart/ 5k nade/ 7k penitence damage, and the monster rarely makes it to 3rd stage.


My current issue with him is where he can be doing enough DoT damage to stop you from eating… until that’s resolved it’s hard to get a feel for the class since I can’t really do a whole lot to overcome that.

That shouldn’t be possible with DoT damage IMO.
Preventing a monster from eating should be direct fire/ability only.
DoT should only stop armor from regenerating and of course health damage.


After playing a few rounds against, with and as Renegabe, ive come to the conclusion that hes one of the weaker assaults. His damage looks good on paper, but in game its a bit lackluster. He feels like a cross between Cabot and Waggie, but his damage does not put him in the same league as any of the other assaults. He has very good utility, team wide damage amp and monster damage reduction, but his small clip sizes and DOTs leave much to be desired. He woulda been much stronger as a support or trapper, because you end up missing a lot of damage that another assault could dish out better.

TLDR: Hes a weak assault that relies heavily on his team to do damage for him. His utility does not make up for his lack in damage and he feels like a wasted slot being in the assault class.


this is gonna sound stupid but is he is the same size as regular Abe right cause I was hoping he would t ruin the theme of big characters as assaults


I think he needs a buff to Penitence


any assault appears

Monster : “Meh”


if they adjusted the values of his DoT on Penitence vs the single blast he would feel better. As it stands, if you have anyone to put on weakpoints or a Cabot, its pointless to use his poison shots.


I’m sure if you cycle his kit well and you’re great with him, you’ll do about as much damage as Markov, maybe a bit more? But you’ll lack the consistency and he still has less damage than the others.

I think he’s the weakest Assault right now, but it has only been a day at most. So I think I’ll give it some more time. :slight_smile: