Renegade Abe dart reticle

I seem to really be struggling with this.
Aiming the dart gun, sounds stupid even to me but is it hard or is it me?
I’ve played lots of every character except laz ( don’t know why I just havent got round to him) but I’ve been playing a lot of rabe v Bob and damn can I land that dart first time.
Feels like the reticle isn’t centered or something could it just be a bug on my set up?
I can hit r.val and val darts, Abe darts needs very little effort due to the amount you can send out but this one… Its just getting me…
Any tips other than just lots of practice? Am I doing something wrong?

Wow I thought it was just me…

Yeah It feels off center, like, too far to the left.

Just a feeling I have from playing (pracically all characters to an extent) to Rabe a bunch it just feels… Off.

Also Markov’s AR sight is quite a bit off as well, vertically.

It does feel a bit wonky, and it’s def not as reliable as regular Abe dart (and not just because of the single round.) I wonder if it has higher spread and I’m pretty sure it has WAY slower flight time as well. Regular Abe might even be hitscan?

It should be 100% accurate…

I think

I think it has to do with the travel time of the dart? Not sure if it even has a travel time but I also get that feel that the aim is kind of “wrong”.

So I just hit up rabe 3 times and I figured it out I think
It’s the gun positioning on screen.
The reticle is centered but the gun doesn’t “point” centered of that makes sense.
Also there definitely seemed to be travel time that was longer than all other darts.
Looking at it, it feels a little like fallout 3 at the very start the weapons don’t quite point center that makes it a bit harder to just fire without effort.
I hate the slow manual aim… Works but the time on it delays dps potential which is his main focus of stacked DOTs effects

I thought this was just me being trash, thank god.

Yes it seems really weird sometimes- I can snipe with it really easily but sometimes in combat it just misses for no real reason. Confuses me.

Yeah doesn’t help that the VFX on some monsters is actually hard to see. Like on Gorgon, it’s not immediately obvious if you actually hit it or not, the red VFX is only on some small parts of the body - and he’s also the monster with the most ‘air’ in his model, making it hard to know if you hit a body part of it went between some legs or something.

I noticed the red VFX isn’t super obvious on Bob either, but it’s not as subtle as on Gorgon at least.

And yeah - it seems easier to snipe with it, than to hit with it at point blank range. Strange, eh?

Edit: I wonder if melee kills the dart? I’ve noticed rocks stopping/killing the dart before.

Okay, now that this is out in the open: I have the same problem with Rogue Val’s darts. Yes I know they’re super slow, but it takes me 2 full clips to get just one hit on a monster STANDING STILL.

I believe she suffers a lot from increased spread while moving, and some pretty wild spread when not ADS.

As far as I could tell, the reticle sometimes flashes red when it did not hit, and sometimes does not flash when it actually hit. This makes it super hard to tell from a distance if you actually hit your target or not.

Makes sense. I’m always running to the monster when I miss like that.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too, on gorgon and wraith it is super hard to notice if you hit them or not cause the VFX for it is hard to see.

You get a feel for it.

Personally, I like hovering mid-air to “stabilize” my screen for easier aiming :smile: