[Renegabes Nades] Inconsistent model and tooltip/icon


Something that I noticed. I don’t know if this has been addressed or not but Renegabe’s tooltip or grenade icon shows a cylinder similar to what he is wearing on his sling belt. However the grenade that shows on Rabe’s hand is a pokeball and not the cylindrical nade that the icon and the character modal has.

Pls mek cylinder ned :smiley:


Models weren’t made due to lack of Money they wanted to spend on Adaptions


But they could just take the model from his bandolier and stick it in his hands and have him shake the container instead of spin it


This has been noted and was acknowledged by the devs in their livestream. They’ll look into changing it in the future, but it’s simply not a priority right now.


I really hope they fix his dropship pose in the next patch, its super strange to look at.


They’d probably need to get an animator in to do that, and I’d guess they’re all busy working on TRS’s new IP.