Renegabe - A new Assault?/Party Pants Parnell Medic?


On the Trello board there is no new trapper adaptation being worked on but, there is a new assault and medic adaptation that are in the “ready” status. We also see Renegade Abe’s in game character model in the cataclysm trailer.

Some speculation on his abilities

  1. Custom Incendiary Shotgun - Beefed up version of Abe’s custom shotgun with more pellets, more damage, and a small DoT. (same gun model different color pallet)

  2. Incendiary Grenades - Kind of function like Hyde’s gas grenades but, with a smaller radius, direct hit damage, maybe can throw up to three, and maybe a longer DoT. (looks like a different game model on the trailer)

  3. Six Shooter Python - His powerful accurate long reload time secondary weapon, possibly can use while downed.
    (new weapon model, maybe keep the tracer trail effect of the tracking pistol)

  4. Assault Shield - same old same old

One problem- It would make it possible for Renegade Abe and Abe to be on the same squad.
What do you guys think?
Added Parnell since he is also known to have an upcoming adaptation. Could he be the medic adaptation that is ready on the trello board too?


Assault/Medic is probably Hyde and Laz.


I don’t see why they would make characters bridge classes, you could end up with two “Abes” as you say. Maybe there’s a lore way to explain it… but… it feels weird to think about it initially, so I’m going to assume (and hope) no for the time being


His picture is next on the Shear Madness update screen and there is only a new medic and assault adaptation listed as ready. There is a trapper adaptation on the to do list but it isn’t active. It could be that a new trapper adaptation is hidden from the trello board but, I doubt it considering that there are others put up there and that QCaira was before.


If they’ve recorded a whole lot of new lines with him, including interactions with himself, and the story is there to back it up as to why Abe and Renegabe can be on the same team… sure… it’s not like I doubt that it could be done, I’m just not entirely sold on it as a concept atm.


That’d be weird. What if Abe could talk to Abe? Would that be a paradox?


Abe was accidentaly cloned alongside a wraith when he was abducted and it used decoy at the same time.

So his clone works as an assault now. God knows og Abe already has assault level damage.

Im hoping to see an armor piercing dart or Renegabe bringing out the tranq darta instead of tracking.


They would probably invite each other for a beer.


Its abes criminal twin brother who is actually hunted by abe


I think this theory could hold some truth.
The trelo board says that both a new assault and medic adaptation happens to be ready.

On top of that, the barcode on the electrogriffin release page was a url that led to a picture of parnell holding vals medgun which could point to p parnell being the medic.

Does this truly mean that adaptations will cross over classes? Im actually starting to hope that they will.


I just imagined Parnell going super soldoer ehile using that medgun. “MAXIMUM HEALIIIING!”

And the two abes will flirt with caira :wink:


The possibilitys are truly endless.


Dude, fuck the lore LOL give me two Abes!


But Quira is already the T3 medic variant…

I highly doubt that TRS is switching variants up by switching roles.

TRS has even stated that variants are easier to make because it’s only changes to their abilities.



Yeah,honest question,does anyone really care for the lore of a round based class shooter?


You’ll find lots of people here on the forums that will discount a theory and want to change a gameplay mechanic because of the lore already established for the game.

IMO, the lore used to be more important and they stuck by it, but with Stage 2 they’re focusing on what players want and could care less about lore restrictions; all it did was hold them back. There were a wave of people that were confused when the first adaptations appeared because they wanted to know how they fit into the canon of the story lol

In games like Overwatch you can have more than one person playing the same character in a match, but you don’t get people in that game asking, “How does that fit into the lore?” :confused:


You have a point, although i find it a bit odd that they could be releasing a second trapper adaptation before a new support or assault hence why i am beginning to consider a more fringe theory as being possible.
That, and because the adaptations that will be released would generally be a trapper(abe) and assault(parnel) while the trello board shows that a medic and assault are complete.

This entire theory hinges on my asumtion though that renegabe and p parnel are both finished.


This is a joke. People in the community have wanted characters to bridge classes and by no means will I ever see them doing that.

To me it’s stupid. To me it doesn’t make any sense and by the way they’re going about adaptations now it makes even less sense than it would’ve to do before.

Renegade Abe is going to be a Trapper. Not an Assault.


This is a completely different game and community. We care about lore. They generally don’t. As for Stage 2 there’s nothing saying that they don’t care about lore; as a matter of fact all content added since Stage 2 can have a canonical explanation.