Rendering Plant's insanely low flight ceiling


Does anyone else ever play Kraken on Rendering Plant and get incredibly annoyed at how low you are forced to fly? I wouldn’t even call it flight at that point anymore. It’s more like slightly levitating above ground.

Is this something TRS is aware of and could maybe address?


I’ve never noticed that. Maybe you’re paying too much attention to it or bugging.


Good! the lower the braken is the better >.<


I’ve noticed this on Fusion Plant when you are fighting above the Relay just outside in that open area. Kinda hard to stay airborne when the Hunters can get as high as you with two jumps and still keeps hitting you.

But I try not to use Kraken too much…

Cuz… ya know…

He’s a dick move.


How so? Right now, maybe, but people still used hunter comps that were broken, and adamantly called them balanced. Against teams that don’t have the teamwork to beat him, it might be a dick move, but against proper teams it’s a fair pick.

Yeah, the ceiling height is low in a lot of places. There are tons of places in each map where the hunters can be head-level or higher (basically, anywhere with some elevation, especially if you cut it so he can’t stay up there after doming).


More to the point what about just outside where hunter teams just cheese the monster from especially kraken lol some may say he deserves it!


It’s kinda funny the way they call hunter comps balanced and monster broken when the players are the same…