Rendering Plant! Is there a reason every silver team i ever play is on this map?


Just a thing I noticed, Every match I played against a silver team has been the rendering plant map, apart from 2, one other was aviary and cant remember the other,the other was probably foundry.

Its so annoying as every time I play other bronze player rendering plant comes up very very little, then when the team gets tough i am on rendering plant,Is it just me this tends to occur with?

I am a bronze Destroyer, I was pitted against 2 silver experts and 2 silver skilled, only 1 of which was not elited, and now that I lost that game and lost 1 point I am facing a team on fusion plant which consists of bronze elite, bronze master and 2 determining ranks, I play fusion plant a fair bit and have a strategy that usually works,

But the skill contrast between these 2 teams is rediculous, I want to play good teams to get better but I wont face silver until maybe nearly 10 games later,

I killed that bronze team in less than 2 minutes with a bit less than full armor,


I think it’s just a coincidence that you’re getting the same maps against silver teams. :smile:

You’re just unlucky I think.


probably so, I played silver and they had to chase me everywhere but got to stage 2 and just couldnt get a break, I’m not complaining I lost because well they where a good team, match lasted I think about 8 minutes, But then I drop right down again to low ranking bronze players that I destroyed at stage 1, they caught me at my first feed


It does sound like a big skill gap for such a small difference in rank.

I hardly ever get aviary at all. It’s just the luck of the draw at the end of the day.


Anytime I face a gold team it’s on broken hill mine. Why?


I find it hilarious how my team get insanely happy if we see silver master- because it’s way easier than gold lol

Never see Silver as “tough”.

Plus I love rendering plant :heart:


I see silver as tough because I get to see the once in a blue moon and always seems to be that map, I dont really see that map until then either so I do have no idea of best feeding routes and best ways to go around the map, On other maps its not bad, the game is almost too easy against some teams,

I have been been bronze destroyer about 2 weeks, been on xbox about 3, So I am a noob to the game and even xbox, the other map was distillery, I play it more than rendering plant but not generally feeding and fleeing can be tough especially against good teams,

I was just wondering are there certain things in the glicko system that think that rendering plant is a good map based on ranks of both sides or something,


So its a coincidence that I get Medlab 24/7? Or is it coincidental map generation? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to look at Aviary from a monsters POV :frowning:


As far as I know it should be random. Not sure why some maps show up significantly more or less than others. :confused:


Maybe for hunt 2.0 some maps are just set to show up more? I get about 75% Medlab, then the 25% is split between orbital drill and armory. Haven’t even brushed past Aviary or Weather control.


if its random I would love to know how so, even maps I didnt like I had to get used to because I couldnt get a game on maps I liked playing, Rendering plant is a map I dont particularly like alot but that could be because I dont get a chance to play it as It comes up very rarely, As a monster player playing against a team the monsters only friend is the map and terrain,

Some times that map can be against ya in the sense it gives little food meaning more running, or you kill food a good meal and a random sloth spawns up, that cost me a good start to my silver match, wasnt happy about that, as every little counts that could have been 6 marks on the dial that I could have done with.


Aviary is a good map but you cant afford to stage 3 as Goliath, I think the open area around the reactor benefits the Team too much, So better to play stupid but survive then pounce after you set up a trap in a decent area that benefits you, Get the team to underestimate ya and its a good advantage to have at times, It can cause them to split up thinking their safer than they are :slightly_smiling:


Aviary is so much fun as Gorgon but it NEVER comes up. I got one random deviation and played distillery. I lost but hey, at least it was something new.

Plus, I just can’t main Goliath because he’s so susceptible to roaching. But that’s off topic


whats roaching?