Rendered 3D Model of a Bucket Sentry Variant

After seeing this the other day it inspired me to do some 3D modelling of my own

Now I’m not the best at 3D modelling considering I’ve only done it for about 5 months at Uni, here’s what I came up with

Please ignore the awful texture work, I’m not good at it :frowning:

I was thing of the name Rust Bucket, and for some reason his sentries have been upgraded to shoot a laser out of it’s eye and using a jet propulsion system to keep it in the air


@Sentry_Gun check it out bruh

already did I see :joy:


#Yes, sentry with lazerssssss!! :heart:

Edit: TRS, do this!!


Oh hey you finished it :smiley:

How did I miss this? Beam sentries would be rad! Good work!

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@Takran My bad I screwed up. It is the sentries :facepalm:

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