Renaming the Trapper Class with TU09?


As I’m sure many of you are now aware, TRS and GrizzleMarine have released new info regarding changes to hunter class abilities in TU09 (see stickied post above!)

One such change is that all hunters now have access to the dome ability, and in its stead Trappers have a new “Vision Pulse”-type ability that reveals the monster’s general location to all hunters for a few seconds.

With these changes in mind, it seems to me that the Trapper class needs to be renamed. The class is no longer the only hunter who can actually trap the monster. In fact, most of the Trapper abilities are oriented more towards finding the monster. What I’m proposing is that, with TU09, the Trapper class is renamed the “Tracker” class, referencing the class’ newfound tracking ability and focus on pursuit rather than entrapment.

This change would make the role of the class more defined to the average player, as all hunters in TU09 will be able to trap the monster. The TU09 Trappers will instead have an even stronger focus on tracking the monster and then CC’ing it while in combat. Trapping the monster will become a secondary focus of the Trapper in TU09, with finding it becoming the primary function of the class.

TL;DR - due to proposed changes to hunter class abilities in TU09, calling the Trapper class by its current name is a misnomer. “Tracker” seems to be a more appropriate title for the class, given said changes.

TU09 New Class Abilities: GrizzleMarine and TRS INFO DROP!

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