Rename the Trapper class?


I know I know this may receive some push back but honestly even way back when I heard of the changes to how the domes are thrown and etc i was reading and repeating the changes to a few of my friends who still to this day play evolves(sparingly now) and are waiting for the update to hit consoles, and a question was what does the trapper do now? and we went through a lengthy discussion about how everything will be “need to see” when the update hits. But to make a long story short I brought up the topic of shouldn’t the Trapper class named to be changed since trapping the monster isn’t something class specific and it should be more along the lines of TRACKER?

So, in the end, a “small” change of the name and class of Trapper to Tracker?


i dont know man, they would have to redub some val lines like…
"i’m on to you trapper’’


“im on to you tracker”


I was totally on board with this class name change and Evil brought up a good point lol. Cool mention though and if it gets enough positive feedback I am sure Turtle Rock would go to the extent to make it possible.


Fun fact.

In early builds of the game (think pre-alpha) Trappers were in fact called Trackers.

I had a pic from the artbook saved that shows this. But can’t find it…