Rename "Feeding Speed" to "Bye Lazarus"


Faster evolving is okay. But this perk is OP against Lazarus. Monster is able to eat corpse right in the middle of the battle.
Elite buff is worse. Sometimes there is no almost no animation of eating.

This buff should be nerfed. Let the wildlife still be eaten fast. But hunter eating speed should be reduced. Not to original value, but no as fast as it now.

There is absolutely no reason to play Laz if the monster has that perk.


Your team can’t shoot the Monster, you can’t play Laz on higher levels.

That’s it. I don’t really mind the perk. But it gets annoying in pubs, yes.


yea feeding perk. Make you reach Stage 2 about 10 seconds after dropship.


Yes, especially when wildlife population is on high. Kappa