Removing Supports Cloak


So recently the devs have hinted that the support cloak has been removed in tu9 in favor for a different type of class ability. I wanted to create this thread to see what everyone else thinks of this change.

  • Remove the cloak ability
  • Do not remove the cloak ability

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I mean… it HIGHLY depends on what they replace it with. If everyone got a flamethrower daisy, it would be awful for balance I’m sure, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see TWO flamethrower daisys?!


Leave Daisy to Maggie. I honestly don’t understand why there’s such a need to replace it. It’s such a fun ability and its not like it’s unbalanced. The only time anyone ever complained about cloaks is when it was a Laz comp, and even then it wasn’t that big of an issue.


Cloaks are swingy and frustrating. When they are reliable, cloaks are frustrating for the monster(for example when Laz is almost down but slips away every single time in a game) but when cloaks are unreliable it is frustrating for the hunters because they serve almost no purpose(for example when facing a meteor goliath or wraith with her huge swing radius).

As long as the ability is still interesting and useful, I’m fine with a change.


This entire logic can be stated for Spores.

Therefore if support cloaks are removed and replaced in all due respect; I demand that spores be removed and replaced.


Im fine with cloaking field, but im not fine with cloaking field + spore cloud


Cloak is super toxic. I have no problem with it but I see why they’d want to replace it.


I think this poll is pointless because we have no reason to disagree. I mean, what if the replacement is amazing? We know nothing about it and therefore cannot be against it.


my point exactly


My point was more with the validity of the thread more than the change itself. I’m all for a cloak change, but discussing it by taking a poll is pointless because our opinions don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, and TRS has zero obligation to listen to it. Especially when people simply reject the idea solely because it’s change to something that’s kind of a crutch.

However, it’s good that plenty of people are open to it.


Completely agree. Huge changes such as this will easily turn me off the game.

There is nothing wrong with cloaks. Monsters can easily swing around and attack cloaked hunters or follow them through footsteps, jetpack, sound and by using fire/websnare. I also think that damage comps heavily rely on cloaks to be viable.

Have the devs stated why they might be looking into changing the cloak ability?


It also depends what they replace the cloak ability with who knows. Honestly I’m kind of curious on what they would possibly replace it with.


you don’t know how much games ive lost just because of a cloak specifically a support and laz who coordinate . laz uses his and once it expires the support does it with him and I have no clue where thy went because of a fire dog or a monster with a flamethrower and a beard


make it back to orbitals double orbital hank


If I remembered correctly, the devs stated that they disliked cloaks and we’re looking into possibly changing them, but not for TU 9 and that it would be a long way out if they did. They said that about a month ago so unless they’ve stated otherwise I don’t think cloaks are being removed at all.


While I view Cloaks as a legit thing I will admit that I hate them a lot.

That last Hunter who runs the time by popping you off the Relay then cloaks when you come in…

Oy… the salt.


Dont think they said tu9- in fact i think it was clearly said NOT tu9, just that they had a working concept they were toying with for now but itd be later after they ironed it out


if they remove the cloak pls remove the tag functions bucket and cabot have and give bucket an orbital and cabot a shield drone.


To make offensive supports more viable.


Make cloak shorter or increase cooldown a lot would be enough.