Removing "Burst Heal" from the Medics


For me, a 15% HP boost, even across all players for a 20s cooldown is worse than 1% healing/sec (a rate that would require 1.5minutes to fully heal a single player) So IMO, it just feels like this ability is tacked on to the Medic and does not really seem to have a worth unless you had a specific 50% reduction in class ability perk, and even then, it’s only modest temporary healing.

Understanding that Val is a proactive healer and Lazarus is reactive, and… er… the third one may be something entirely different, I wanted to suggest a different item, that all Medics would get, but would provide Medic-related functionality to the class outside Val’s healing medgun and Lazarus’ HP restoring namesake device. Hopefully the suggestion does not encroach on the responsibilities of the other classes; I tried to stay mindful of that.

All Medics have these “angel wings” on their back, so it seems to be a similar style between the Medics. This item would allow the Medic to toggle the ability on/off whenever they’d like. Though the numbers can be tweaked, when deployed, the wings would dart outward, light up blue, and the Medic’s current altitude would remain locked in. He/She could turn, swap to other items, etc, but they could not move. This would help the Medic do more recon (ala Sniper-role) or to get a good overview of the battlefield. The risk? While in this mode, any damage from the Monster is DOUBLED, and sends the Medic falling all the way to the ground.

Using this would instantly refill the Medic’s jetpack, hopefully providing them with an overall period of additional mobility/dodging to help their survivability in combat without giving them any offensive boost. This is purely a defensive/mobility option to aid in getting to where the Medic wants to be. Would have an appropriate recharge time before it could be used again. Alternately, rather than a refill. It could be an ability that can be used for X seconds where jetpack fuel is not consumed, giving the Medic lots of mobility for that timeframe and once the ability is expired, the Medic goes back to normal jetpack fuel consumption and the ability goes on a timer.

IDEA 3: TRANQ MODIFIER (Sidenote: Sorry, it was brought to my attention that this idea wouldn’t work simply because Lazarus doesn’t have a tranq gun, so feel free to read if you want, but this definitely wouldn’t work as a shared replacement for the heal burst)
When used, you automatically swap over to the tranq gun. Throuh tranqs on monsters will have the same effect as normal for the duration of this effect (the tranqs could fire a different color), any teammate hit with a tranq will be given health over time. This effect can stack, For example, if you hit a teammate with 1, they get 1%/sec for remaining effect duration, 2 tranqs = 2%/sec for remaining effect duration and 3 tranqs = 3%/sec for remaining effect duration. This gives the Medic a way to heal players safely from a distance, but not enough to necessarily be anywhere close in keeping them sustained in battle. Besides, if the Medic misses a shot, the effect is wasted. Effect might last for 15s and then take 60s to recharge or so. Like I said earlier, the numbers could all be tweaked.

So what feedback do you have? Good tie-in to Medic design/abilities? Need some tweaks? No good at all?


just thinking what a lvl 3 rock throw will do to a wing medic…thats not even a risk at that point the monster is almost garunteed a 1 shot kill if he has decent aim. vortex, rockthrow, maybe lightning strike. walking and flamebreathe.


They already said they won’t change class abilities.


The Burst Heal is a staple for all Medics and will not change. Your ideas are cool, but they wouldn’t be any good for sustaining the team.


Don’t forget that the 15% or w/e amount you get back is instant and can heal up to five people (counting Daisy and the medic). Honestly I think it needs to be kept because it is the only thing other than maybe a lucky harpoon or shield, that can instantly make the difference between life and death for a character


even still i think it would be better for val to ,rather than hold two totally different rifles, to when she q’s tranqs she would load her main rifle with one tranq dart that lasts as long as 3 (15 secs)


Well, it’s a pro/con system. If the Medic sees a rock throw, as long as he/she disables the item before the rock hits them, they will suffer normal damage. Otherwise, yes, it could be an instant incap. I’ve always been a fan of risk vs. reward. At certain altitudes, many of those attacks cannot reach the Medic, and the few that can, the player has but a moment to disengage and avoid the shot.

Yeah, it’s shared amongst all, but if we keep that, I REALLY hope it gets modified. Right now, it seems to be one of, if not the weakest Hunter ability in the game. 15%? And for 20s cooldown? I’d honestly rather use Val’s gun or as Laz, let them fall/incap and pick them up, to get HP restored than to use that. Maybe they’ll tweak it?


That is true, but I feel that the ability to heal more than 1 person (not counting Medic) is going to be EXCEPTIONALLY rare in pub games. You either have to risk it to get it to a person who needs it desparately, and deny its use to heal anyone else for a whopping 20s, or you have to wait until a moment where you see your entire team together and hope you can get in and time it (again, for what seems to be such a small amount of HP for the effort)

Maybe it’s just me, but something about the ability seems tacked on. I Medic a lot, and if someone else DOES use it a lot and loves it, more power to them, but for me, the medgun and lazarus device were my go-to’s for healing.


Oh shoot, good point. I forgot that IDEA 3 is based on Val’s weapon. Lazarus doesn’t have that. Sorry, oversight by my part. Gonna edit the OP.


also the new medic has a gun that u shoot teammates with and it heals in a burst, she also has a grenade launcher with a dot fire effect


As it stands, the Burst Heal is, to me, an “out-of-battle” ability. If you are so low on health in battle, chances are you are being actively attacked by the mosnter, and for me to have to put myself right next to you, in imminent proximity to the monster, just to give you enough health to be bashed off completely in the next melee swing of the monster, I cannot see its value as anything other then a sideshow alternate healing ability. Very little tactical use out of it.


Yeah, it’s an AoE ‘health grenade launcher’.


I’ve tried to keep tabs out for info on the 3rd Medic. Can you post me a link to this? (And thanks in advance) AOE healing sounds like the next logical method between proactive and reactive healing. But just imagine how useless this little puff of 15% health would be for a class that could blanket his teammates in healing smoke?

It still just doesn’t sit good with me. :frowning: (God ALMIGHTY that’s a horrible looking frowny face!)

Since all these Medics seem to be carrying wings (does the 3rd?) I was hoping a shared ability could play into that. Medics are never offensively-able, but defensive and mobility perks are always up their alley.


Actually I’ve seen @Plaff use it tactically as Laz, he would stay back and pepper the Monster with weak spots, then upon noticing the others on low health, he would quickly jump in and pop the Burst Heal, then retreat to his position.


Honestly I would say the burst heal is more important than Val’s healing gun, but that’s just my opinion


They’re not exactly wings, it’s a jetpack. All the Hunters have the same jetpack themes, but designed in different ways.


i agree, id rather get cooldown reduc and jump in and jump out burst healing and only pull out the med gun if everything goes to shit


And yeah, that’s about the only “in-battle” tactic that device has. A “swoop heal” as others are calling it. But for the HP gained to be lost literally within the next attack the monster levies, it just seems like a “maximum effort for minimum gain” type device. I know that’s just my opinion and all, but it also seems redundant. I’d love to hear the developer’s take on why they went with this device for shared abilities, especially since all 3 personas seem like they will have good healing abilities to start off with:

Val with her gun, Lazarus with his namesake and … er… Ms.Third Medic with her AoE healing.

It would be like giving the Support class an item that provides a 1 second shield to players he designates. He’s like “Heck, I already have a great item that lets me sustain a long-duration shield on them, I don’t need this!” :slight_smile:


I also agree that the 15% health burst is fine as it is. If the monster isn’t focusing 1 person, you can heal 60-75% worth of health in one shot on a quick cool down. It encourages the medic to consider to be up close and healing with the team, or not using the AoE burst and staying back. Risk/Reward. You can even use it while down to keep yourself up for longer.


I think what you may be missing is the fact that healing stacks. If the monster is focusing the trapper, I can both use my med gun on him, and give him the burst to ensure maximum survivablity