Remove XP limit in custom games for monsters


Hunters are able to gain XP/Keys with no limit in Co-op, since monster is “single-player” there obviously is no co-op mode.
The easiest way to make this work would be to just remove the key/XP-limits of training games.
But there could also be a proper mode for it that chooses a random map and hunter team, so it isn’t as easy to manipulate, but may require a little more work to implement.

Since Co-Op exists now, i think monster players should also be able to earn stuff while playing bot games, just like the hunters can.



Yeah I think that’s what they’d have to do. Even though the monster AI is terrible, hunters in co-op still have to play an actual match. In custom monster can set it to 0 strike limit so there are no downs just instadeath, max dropship timer, and even set the damage to favours monster. That’s what I was doing during the event this weekend to grind out some monsters, and all I had to do was wait for the dropship armor to wear off and then I’d kill them all at stage 1.


Good point, forgot that’s a thing you can do :smiley:


Yessss, give us same xp as quickplay when doing custom games. Me and my buddies spend the majority of the time in customs, and it feels frustrating to gain nothing from it (well you get some 3 games but the amount is ridiculously low)