Remove the sudden death timer stop in certain situations


Yesterday, a Wraith made a ft3 match, just like the old times: got domed two times, mitigated the whole 10 minutes, then kept stopping the timer armoring up and re-entering in combat. I think the sudden death timer should be adjusted in some way to avoid this, there’s no point to reduce the match limit to 12 minutes if a monster can still procrastinate a game to 30 minutes


Grrr, bloody wraith players.

I did play with a Gorgon player yesterday who did do their best to avoid the fight in a dome for the whole dome timer, and that was a bit frustrating… but it was a whole lot less frustrating knowing that you’re not wasting vital time as a hunter with their antics. The 5 minutes gives you more time to set up, to flush out, to corner.

But that said, I wouldn’t want to see the timer keep ticking down just because of those types of players.


I’ll never understand FT3 players, whenever I got domed I’d turn around and barrel into them to disrupt them and hopefully down the trapper quick. Now everything has been shaken up and monsters are in the best spot I’ve seen since launch, I wouldn’t dream of running and hiding as a Gorgon and if I get domed as a Wraith - even at stage 1 - those bipedal meat sacks best pick a god and pray. Especially now with the new dome mechanics the fight is more or less guaranteed to happen, might as well try and get everything you can out of it.


ft3 players, and players who do nothing but run around the dome the whole time really frustrate me.

Not because it’s a winning strategy (because most the time I lose as hunter, it’s at stage 2), but because it turns the game back to running simulator, and trying to chase a monster around a dome with a loop or two with a pugs is just dull.

For the sake of everyone, fight!


Ah, yes. I too use this strategy.