Remove the feeding perk


I feel like the feeding perk is breaking the game. I’ve been running it like … always. And chose to just avoid it for one game and it’s impressive how game breaking it is, how SLOW I was eating and how I had to be aware of how the hunters were always on my ass.

The entire purpose of the game is a marathon (forward progress amirite ?), trying to make permanent damage stick to the opponent while not taking too much (health/incap) and if you see an opportunity, you try to sprint to finish it. Monster has to evolve to shift the balance of power/gain health. The feeding perk has direct impact on this marathon and on the evolve meter unlike any other perk.

I’m pretty sure if data was there to see perk selection among rounds for monster the feeding perk would be at least at 90% because it’s just that powerful and any lvl40 monster just know it (if we forget rush crowbill sloth elite 35% damage bonus with 3 point in one ability and cooldown reduction stage 1 troll that shouldn’t actually exist).

I think it’s also a huge factor why Lazarus is not played (or at least not viable) at high level. During combat a simple weapon reload is enough time for the monster to eat a corpse and instantly shutdown Lazarus, instead of allowing a larger window for the monster to be punished and for Lazarus to slip in.

The feeding perk breaks this delicate balance and is allowing any decent monster player to go stage 2 with no health lost around 1 minute and instantly dramatically dwindle the hunters chance of victory.

I felt proud of rekting teams. But now I feel like I owe it all to that perk. It’s too cheap.

It would also be cool to allow some diversity among the monsters perk at high level. The only times I’ve not taken feeding speed perk were during defend modes because I’m already stage 3.

It would maybe also lessen the number of Cairas because of how important finding the monster fast is important to ensure a stage 1 dome.

Hunters right now perk wise, are in a pretty good spot. Even jump height is pretty good. Monsters in hunt ? Feeding is the whole concept, you take it, you can keep ahead of the hunters too easily, and shutdown Laz at the same time.

You don’t get punished by sneaking at the start of the round because by losing 20 seconds you gain one minute of free fast meal instead of taking far more longer time. The feeding perk allows you to eat between Tyrant/Crowbill Sloth/whatever attacks by doing small steps. Regular feeding speed would make you retreat and lose more time, or simply knowing you couldn’t you would have to find another spot, and actually avoid big wildlife stage 1 because of interruption.

The problem is that if that perk is removed the W/L ratio between hunters and monsters will heavily shift into hunters favor IMO, at least for some time, until every monsters find his perk niche.

But I’m hugely in favor of first removing it and then fixing something else. Right now this one perk is messing the entire game balance and is removing perk diversity for the monsters.

To conclude my point, that would mean removing the feeding speed +100% elite wildlife buff, I don’t remember on which monster, and to replace the feeding perk by bringing the megamoth pounce bonus to the monsters perk, +25/50/75% of damage for pounce attacks (or any other cool ‘monster’ thing that wouldn’t mean breaking the balance of the game).

Thoughts ?

PS: I’m almost tempted to record games with/without feeding perk to show how game breaking it is.


I disagree. I think eating perk is good for pugs, but in competitive play I believe combat perks are superior. YMMV, of course.


You are a machine.


A cow machine :smiley:


if ure taking the feeding perk ure missing a combat perk like ability cd reduce or dmg or traversal etc.

so its fine

even if u get stage 2 before the hunters drops in


I run the feeding speed perk often but only because it is basic. Like running sprint in Halo Reach. It isn’t OP it jump improves something that happens A LOT (eating/running). For me if I want to end a match quickly I’ll run cooldown reduction making my monster more “spammy” but for long games that include a lot of eating I do run feeding speed.


It isn’t mandatory, but I would remove the perk to slow the mindless eat while constantly being on the move tactic.


I think of it this way. You trade in evolution strength for non combat perk power. If you feel it’s harder to eat and evolve, feeding speed is good. Or if you like to eat in combat. However, I’d rather have a bonus in combat then getting stronger by default. The biggest difference is Stage 2 domings mostly. Stage 1 is usually a non issue as you try and evade as much as possible against good teams and rarely go in for a down/kill unless you have a very fortuitous advantage.

Stage 3 the eating perk only helps you get back to the fight quicker, but doesn’t make the relay bunker bash any easier. Different things for different strats.


It has a legitimate trade-off, but I think it has a negative affect on the game.


I think data is needed to further my argument. @MacMan if we could have some stat or a comment on your awareness of this ?

@Optik_rec0rds you are missing the point. The point is not that you would be missing a ‘combat’ perk. It’s that you WILL be missing a combat perk. Because you will be taking feeding perk. The only monsters I’ve not seen running feeding speed perk were monsters rushing the crowbill sloth for the 35% damage bonus and 3 point in vortex/rock throw for a stage 1 engage.

Otherwise we are all running feeding perk. Why wouldn’t we in hunt ? The whole purpose of the mode is to stay ahead of the others. We stay ahead to evolve. We need food to evolve. The feeding perk is perfect for that. Movement only helps you move, traversal also. Feeding speed helps you evolve quicker by making you eat faster and thus start moving from the eating point faster. It’s just perfect.

And that’s just if we aren’t considering the big wildlife/trapjaw packs that are supposed to be a pain to the monsters at stage 1. Which the feeding perk also helps to deal with.


Movement speed and traversal stamina regen have greater cumulative benefits than feeding speed. Feeding speed is only useful if you’re trying to eat while domed or eat corpses with a Laz around. Other than that, feeding speed is a crutch that most people don’t realize they don’t need. I only take feeding speed if I plan on a Stage 1 burst-down with Level 3 rock throw and sloth buff.

tl;dr: Feeding speed perk isn’t really all that good.


Feeding speed is mediocre at best. The combat perks are much better.


To me, needing the feeding perk means the monster player has to enhance his sneaking skills and environnement awareness.
Don’t feed when hunters are close to you, avoid them by sneaking.

Then a combat perk will be Much Better for you too. :wink:


While I can’t pretend to speak for all monsters, none of the best monsters I know run feeding speed. CDR, Damage, Traversal Recharge, Movespeed, and even Damage Reduction, but not feeding speed.


I agree with MaddCow.

Perks like Cooldown Reduction, Damage Increase/Reduction are far more op then feeding speed.


You’re forgetting that the eating perk lets you scarf down food in the middle of a fight. Extremely useful for desperate armor or elite perks.


Everyone knows that Armor Regen is OP as anything and needs removal. Game breaking :frowning: It needs to be removed…

… and replaced with something MUCH better :stuck_out_tongue: I like the idea that you get 1.25/1.33/1.5 armor bars per meat instead of just 1. Mammoth bird gives you 4.5 bars instead of 3. Doesn’t make ‘too’ much difference, but for a sneaky monster only getting a couple bites it can be a big difference.


I like that idea. Armor Regen seems like a nice concept but it wasn’t pulled off very well. The perk lets me get some armor sitting in a bush waiting for an ambush but it takes ages. Plus I start, you know…glowing.

I’ve been trying to stop using the Feed Speed perk but it’s so addictive. Halp.


Ooooh… Maybe instead of Armor Regen you get Chameleon and you don’t glow as bright. THat would be interesting.


Yes. Yes. Yes.

Although I can see this being a little strong…but you are giving up a lot of good evasion, speed and combat perks so it’s fair.

Now I can sit in a bush and not glow like a neon sign…Excellent idea.