Remove the edit restriction for older posts


Recently my original post for my custom hunters became unmodifiable. it was irritating because now i had to make a new comment with the same information in order to even update something.

Now onto the real problem as to why this irritates me.

My databases.

My databases contain all the numerical stats i’ve be able to get on various characters. I’ve also set it up to allow me to update them with every patch update. but what happens when they become unmodifiable? I would have to create entirely new threads for them, ask a mod to edit it (which could create errors), or just make a new comment in that thread, which creates issues with the OP being inaccurate.

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tagging @chrono and even @10shredder00 due to them also being affected by this.

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Changed category to ‘off topic’ as the suggestions category is for game suggestions. :wink:

Hope you don’t mind.


Forums Suggestions Topic coming soon.


i had it in suggestions simply because there isnt a sub catagory for forum suggestions. i will move it to General because it still pretains to Evolve.


I was told by @niaccurshi to put any forums suggestions topics in off topic until it gets added.


Fair enough. I just remember niaccurshi moving a forum suggestion to off topic before. General fits good though.


I agree with your suggestion though. Whatever category it belongs in. :smile:


For now, if it’s about something that pertains to forum functionality then please put it in report forum bugs. While not necessarily a bug, it is something that you’re finding counter-intuitive to what you’d expect and I think that’s something codinghorror would be interested in, or be able to weigh in on.


thank you @niaccurshi. yea, for me, what is the purpose of me continuing the databases (which people have been wanting and have been supporting me on) if i end up unable to keep them updated after a few weeks. The databases have been helpful is various ways from custom hunter ideas, to OP/UP discussions to debates on how things work or what perks are better.

So thanks and hopefully someone says something about this soon.


For what it’s worth I believe that leaders and mods can edit your posts still, if you wanted… in the interim to any solution… to get the updates in? I’m not 100% but a quick test suggests I could.


well, my databases are still editable for me. im talking about in the future. my custom hunters are uneditable, which brought up this discussion


OK, same situation for that post as far as I can see, I can edit it. Not a long term solution, but something for you to consider if you need it :smile:


yea i know. just sounds tedious and could cause discrepancies in information over time if not careful thats all. plus bugging a leader to edit a database thread (or multiple) because something new come up involving me updating a formula, or a patch that causes MANY databases to change at once…


Do you know why there is a limit as to how long you have to edit a post. Just curious. :smile:


I have no idea, if I were to guess I’d say that it’s an arbitrary thing so that people aren’t doing what The_Mastermind is doing. I feel this is something that should be able to be altered though :smile:


but how would it be a problem to prevent? it doesnt bump the thread from what i’ve seen.


That was my understanding too.


My understanding of why this particular forum software is built the way it is, is to promote the ongoing conversation, and so editing the OP over and over instead of, for example, making new threads may be counter-intuitive to it’s design aims.

Also there is the option to make posts in to “Wiki’s” though this likely provides too much power for people to completely mess with the content.

It’s like something is required that is a middle ground of the two, for those that are using the forum to also provide important information that isn’t really announcement worthy, but interesting enough that you’d want to update things. If it were me looking at this, from a design perspective, I’d provide an “Update” option that essentially let you edit your post, but posted it as a new post and auto-archived, or at least default-hid the previous posts.

People could then browse back through what was said if they want, but the focus of the thread is moved to be from the context of the latest edit. It would help keep the conversation focused, but without creating a new thread every time you have an update, and without confusing people by altering the first post that could have changed a dozen times and, thus, made the 100s of posts after it now out of context.

That’s just my view, but the makers of Discourse may have plenty of valid reasons for choosing the things they have… doesn’t mean that they aren’t open to changing them!


and then, we have these mega threads anyway which act similarly in my opinion.

like, i see the possible reasoning, but i’d rather not have 20+ threads to remake every few weeks. i currently even have a “table of contents” thread that i was wanting to get pinned (instead of the older info thread i see) which act similar to just archiving them


I don’t disagree with you, I just can see that from the aims of this software, being what is essentially a Wiki managed by you isn’t the intended use case :slight_smile: